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How to date a Philippines Girl – Part 1

Philippines dating

Every girl in this world is different from each other. The question arises how to date any girl, even the same question arises dating with Philippines girl. There is no single concept which helps to date a girl, but there are universal dating rules which also applied to date with a girl in the Philippines. Travelers around the world visit the Philippines every year for fun and enjoyment, but somehow fall in love with them during dating, but how making the dating a true million stone bridge. Here are the rules to fate with the Philippines girls.

Provide best from your side


Rule number 1 – Confidence

Confidence doesn’t mean you are rich, you are a famous star, you are attractive; it means to afford a Filipino girl for what she is looking for. To give her love, care for her, fie for her through your abilities. You are indulging with humanoid characters; you deal with anything’s in well fashioned approach, behave well, and understand the conditions. You know what she needs, likes and what she loves to talk with.


Rule number – 2 – Genuine

Show her what you are not to pretend someone else. Be clear concerning girls everything. Always speak truth girls love those people who are kind and true speaker.


Rule number 3 – Present what you are

Each and every girl have different preferences towards boys, so it is not necessary that you are handsome then and then Philippines girls attract towards you. The better to present yourself, antique, attitude as well personal gesture of yours is well fashioned which helps in easy dating.


Know her from Heart


Rule number 4 –Tasteful Ideology

It is a universal truth; any kind of girl looks beautiful when she dressed with glamorous style. Giver her compliment which makes her to heel happy with you, do not ever daunt with the sexy comments. Give her gifts in the form of clothes, smiles, and care her words. A Philippine girl nature is same for all worlds’ girls, she is not differing, but she always looks for the tasteful comments on her appearance and her look.


Rule number 5 – Sincere Conversation

Towards the Filipino girl don’t pretend to hear, but listen carefully and price the real result for what she loves to enjoy your life with you. When she is not in the mood to talk with you says something which makes her to talk with you. You date her because to know her, she dates with you that you know her and becomes caring and loving partner.

Rule Number 6 – Make her comfortable

While asking a Filipino lady for a date, make her comfort

Table by enjoying the quirks, Ask questions, answer them and provide veracity for the one she is looking is only you. While talking keeps funny and joyful environment through your talking’s. She is with you why? Not for money! But for the love which she needs! The money is not necessary thing it is only a way to live life, a strong relationship is what the entire final outcome.

date a filipina girl

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