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How to start dating Thailand ladies

You are first time traveling in your life and wish to have a sweet Thai girl to date while traveling to Thailand. You don’t’ know how to date with a girl, how to attract her, how to talk to her, what to say to her, how to impress a Thai sexy girl while dating? You are at the right place and at the right discussion which makes you have a date with beautiful Thai girls and make them feel you are a true gut for them.

A handsome Guy

The famous Thai girls are sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, groom themselves with makeup to look stylish and attractive. Impress them by wearing stylish, good looking body fitting dress when traveling to Thailand so dating with the Thai girl becomes easy as here girls look for the grungy-looking immigrant. Think! Why dating becomes obsolete? If you need sexy salt, you too show your salt.

Social attraction

Instead of approaching with the Thai street girls for date, it is better to visit some Thai dating websites or find the dating cards from professionals.

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At the first date

Take care of her regarding her likes, dislikes, food, work, talk with her what she is looking for and how is her nature. Don’t date her for sex, as being human while dating with the Thai lady. Impress her with your chivalry and talk her about her family.

A call is necessary

At first, date take her number or better to add to your fb account or other social media account. Know each other in more detail after the first date.


Don’t Waste Time

The Thai girls are open minded, don’t play games with them while dating or after dating, say what you like and whether to continue relationships with them or not. The life of Thai girls is very fast if you play the game, in the next day the same girl is with some other guy, so be friendly and tell her what is the next thing for your life.

Be clear

Follow straight forward talking, know this, that was, were, stand clear on everything while dating Thailand ladies. They know everything as you are not stay forever in Thailand, so tell them your purpose of love to them. These Thai sexy girls ask certain questions like your age, name, what is your work, how long you stay in Thailand, be honest and stand with truth in front of them.

Enjoy “Sanuk” time with sexy Thai ladies

Be quick, provide her funny moments while dating, they love traveling near beaches, enjoy delicious food, take care of every moment of them, because they are enjoying luxurious lifestyle.

Bar Girls or Thai Girls – Which one is better!

A woman always characterizes! Along with Thai girls, the bar girls are waiting for the ray of hope, they are good in nature, depend son you what is your like and dislikes. It is all your mentality towards women, weather to exploit it or take her in your heart.

Avoid Serial Dating

Because of these guy’s Thai girls are questioned that is why thinking of the other side of the world.

Gone are the days where girls are distorted, but with the change of time Thai girls know the expat games, so be clear of everything about you with them, support them, tell them what you need, and what are you looking for a long relation or the “Sanuk”.

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