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If you like beautiful and exotic Filipina girls then you’re not alone, a lot of men in the world prefer Filipina girls than western women. Fortunately, nowadays you don’t have to fly all the way to Manila just to find a nice Filipino woman, you can simply join one of the Asian dating sites available online. These sites are becoming more popular these days and the members are not only Asians, but many of them are western men looking for beautiful Asian girls, including Filipina girls. So what kind of qualities that make Filipina girls so attractive for western men?


1. Great housewife

Filipina girls are generally known for being loyal housewives that will support their husbands. They can make a home feels like heaven! Your Filipino wife will take care of everything and make sure that everything in the house is working in the right order. Most of them can cook and they actually enjoy doing house works.


2. Very considerate

Filipina girls, like most Asian girls, are very considerate. They are willing to sacrifice their time and comfort just to make their spouses feel better. Usually they will put their spouses’ needs above theirs even though they don’t really have to. They always try to be as tender as possible and avoid nagging. That’s why there are not many fights in a home with an Asian housewife, and that’s probably why the divorce rates in Asian countries are much lower than in western countries.



3. Family oriented

Filipina girls are very family oriented. This is how they are raised. Their culture actually makes them stay close to their families, that’s why usually children stay with their parents until they are married. Even after they are married, they choose to live not very far from their families, or at least still in the same city. When they start their own families, they will commit to it and do anything to keep the family together. They won’t even mind if they have to live with their in laws. Filipino girls will have a lot of respects for your parents and won’t mind if they have to help their husbands taking care of their parents.

4. Hard working

Not only for their duties as housewives, but also in their professional careers. Even though they are very family oriented, Filipina girls are very independent and they can have a good career. The great thing is no matter how big their career, family is always their number one priority. They are genius multi-taskers and they have many talents. If you run your own business, a Filipino wife will be a great asset, she will help you tirelessly to make sure the business runs well and the family at home is well taken care of.

5. Great mothers

Most Filipina girls love children and they all want to have children. Usually from a very young age, they already understand how to take care of children and how to deal with them, like they are natural born nannies. They will do anything to make sure their children have the best health, education and affection.


So as you can see, your decision to start a relationship with a Filipino girl might be one of the best decisions you make in your life. You know that in order to find Filipino girls you can simply join one of the Asian online dating sites, but then what? How do you actually attract a Filipino girl? It would be useless to be a member of a dating site without being able to attract anyone. So in order to win the hearts of Filipino girls in the online world, there are a few helpful tips you can follow:

1. Stand out

It’s not easy to stand out in the online world, there’s just way too many competitions for a man to handle, but it’s not impossible. There are a few ways to make your online dating profile stands out, post a nice picture, create an interesting story and just try to be different in a good way.

2. Learn her language

You don’t have to be fluent, just learn a few common words like “good morning” or “how are you”. That will make it easier for you to reach into her world, and she will feel comfortable with you knowing that you show respect to her culture.



3. Show some intellect

Filipino girls usually appreciate intelligent men and if you show some intellect she will look up to you. This is not hard to do since most Filipinas don’t graduate college.

4. Sense of humor

Make her laugh, but remember not to make dirty jokes or jokes that are too naughty. Most Filipina girls are shy towards new people so naughty or dirty jokes might just push her away from you. Also don’t tease or use cock-humor because she may not understand that it’s a joke and then she will get affended.

I hope that helps in your journey to find the perfect Filipina girl and I wish you the best of luck. Make sure to register with to meet the best girls in The Philippines.

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