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What You Need to Know When Dating Asian Women

Asian babes are among the most beautiful women in the world. They have such unique charm that make a lot of men in the world just cannot resist to feel attracted to them. But a lot of men, especially Western men still have no clue about the proper way to date and start a relationship with these Asian beauties. That’s why many of such relationships don’t work well and end up with a break up. Family culture and tradition are the things you must touch if you want to start a good relationship with an Asian girl. Below are some of the most important things you should know about dating cute Asian girls.


Her family is important

“Family is important”, that might sound like a very common concept everywhere in the world, but nothing like in Asia, where family is an extremely important thing. Family structure for Filipina girls or Thai girls or any other hot Asian babes is extremely valuable and it hugely affects their characteristics. If you don’t show any attention to their family, like their parents, siblings, cousins, nephews, uncles, aunts, then it’s just like you’re saying that you want the relationship to end. Often times, important decisions in the life of an Asian woman will involve her family, including decisions about relationship and marriage. That’s why if you want to build a long-term relationship with an Asian woman, you need to get closed to her family.



Most Asian girls are looking for a long-term relationship

A lot of Western men know hot Asian women and come in contact with them for the first time in Asia’s nightlife venues, and sometimes they think that these women’s characteristic represent Asian women in general. That’s clearly a mistake, because most Asian girls are shy and not really into a one night stand. When you’re entering the Asian dating scene, you will realize that most Asian girls are really looking for long-term relationships. Even though nowadays many Asian girls have been somehow “Westernized”, especially those who live in big cities or in Western countries, but sex before marriage is usually something they think about really seriously, you will not be able to take an Asian girl into bed unless she really feels comfortable and trusts you completely. Asian girls are mostly loyal to their partners, and once you win her heart she will be yours forever.


Asian women are affected so much by their culture

All Asian people respect their culture so much, and it affects almost every aspect of their lives as well as affecting their characters. Not only those who were born in Asian countries, but even if they were born in the West, these Asian people are still affected by their original culture. This culture helps to shape the role of family members, for example in Asian families usually the husband plays a role as the leader and the wife will support her husband by taking care of the house and the kids. That’s why most Asian women are good housewives that really take care of their families first hand, even when they have a professional career.


Asian women are shy

Most Asian women are shy, especially towards men. Not only to those they just met, but even if they have known you for quite some time they might still feel shy. So during introduction and when dating, you will need to take the lead and be more proactive. You cannot expect her to start a conversation or to take control of the date, because they pretty much expect you to take the lead. Sometimes you even have to guest, because they often answer your questions just with a smile.



Asian girls are family oriented

“Family values” for Asian women is not just a fancy jargon, but it’s really something extremely important for them. Asian women are mostly raised in a family with both parents living together as divorce is not very likely to happen in Asian families, sometimes grand parents also live with them or at least very close to them. They grow up watching their mothers taking care of the house and their children, and these Asian girls are also taught take care of their families since they are very young. Usually older girls are given responsibilities to take care of their younger siblings almost like a second to them. So you can expect a perfect, family-oriented housewife when you marry an Asian girl who will take care of your children perfectly.

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