Attention of Asian Girls be Called Fetish

So Can Such Need of Attention of Asian Girls be Called Fetish?

According to the results of sociological research on Facebook and on dating sites, in recent years, men prefer dating Asian women more often than with representatives of other races in the entire civilized world. Psychologists and ethnographers explain this phenomenon of the popularity of Asian women by the fact that they, for the most part, retained their adherence to patriarchal attitudes.

A study of the Facebook dating app showed that Asian women received the most attention from men of all races (after choosing a mate within their own race). Among men, the favorites are white. Black women and Asian men are the least in demand when dating. In Europe, especially in Greece, interethnic families make up over 50%.

It turned out that Asian girls receive an invitation to meet three times more often than men. But the most interesting results came from analyzing the racial preferences of users. The highest demand among women of all races is for Asians, the least for blacks. Among men, the most popular are whites, the least popular are Asians.

Other dating sites recently conducted similar studies. According to their results, a similar result was obtained: after the choice of white women by white men, Asian women were in second place. According to the US census, mixed marriages of whites and blacks accounted for only 1.5%.

Why Asian Fetish is so Popular

Psychologists and ethnographers explain this phenomenon of the popularity of Asian women by the fact that they, for the most part, retained a commitment to patriarchal relations, where a man is given the leading role in the family. And the low popularity of black men and women rather lies in the area of social relations, since the latter generally have a low status in American and European societies.

In his study, Harvard University professor Roland Frayer cited the statistics of interracial marriage in the United States for the period from 1880 to 2000. Even today, interracial marriage is extremely rare in the United States, as Frayer points out.

This means men on dating sites are usually mature and very mature. Burned in relationships, and usually more than once. Suspicious reinsurers. This means that brides are looking for beautiful, young, kind, but docile and without pretensions.

And there is a persistent myth (or maybe not quite a myth) that it is precisely the brides from Asian countries that are like that, young, healthy, and flexible. Just 10 years ago, Slavic brides enjoyed a similar reputation. Today, the USA and Western European men understand well that if a young, beautiful Slavic girl is 20-30 years younger and agrees to marry a Western man, then only to change her country of residence. The Thai and Filipino women who married their grandfathers 10 years ago continue to live with them. The majority of Russian girls, for example, are already divorced. Some even several times.

Pluses of Dating an Asian Girl

An Asian wife will never allow herself to belittle her husband in public. She will not discuss intimate details of family life with her friends. Or, if she did, her Asian friend would never tell anyone about it.

The Asian wife is hardworking and persevering - she studies and works hard while not forgetting to create home comfort. She is not complaining about her husband's modest income. She tries not to interfere with her husband's relations with her ex, relatives, and friends. Quite calmly, she will accept the situation when, instead of the planned trip to the concert, the husband is suspended from spending the evening watching the TV. Asian girl may not like it just like any other woman, but she will never throw tantrums about this. She will not walk with pouting lips for a week but calmly and respectfully will report the next day about her sadness about what happened.

Interestingly, the Scandinavians primarily pay attention to a woman's hair! Long, shiny, healthy hair of women is very attractive to men of all countries. Not fancy hairstyles with styling, but just good hair. Western women have good hair: a healthy diet, proper care, that's the result. And all Asians, as a rule, also have good, healthy, long hair.