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Sign-Up and Registration Process

Asiantie has a neat sign-up display that is easy on the eyes and simple to complete.

The sign-up process doesn’t take up a lot of your time, and you can sign-up as a “guest” without registering, as a “Free Member” if you chose to register but not pay for its services, or as a “Full Member” by registering and paying for all of Asiantie’s services.

As you sign up on Asiantie, you will be asked to read and acknowledge its Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Upon account creation, your Asiantie account will be solely yours to manage and administer for personal use only.

Asiantie Sign in

Asiantie Special Features

Free Features

  • Account profile creation
  • Photo upload
  • Personal video creation and upload
  • Regional searches
  • Unlimited text messages
  • Complete anonymity
  • Make connections based on shared interests
  • Change your settings and user preferences

Paid Features

  • Access to members who have recently joined Asiantie
  • Use their Online Gift Store
  • Use the Like Gallery for mutual matchmaking
  • Use their “SEE ME, HEAR ME, MEET ME” technology
  • Use the “Ask for Photo” feature
  • See members who are most popular on the dating site
  • Customize your profile
  • Boost your profile for increased visibility
  • Enable an SMS chat feature

Asiantie App

Asiantie has no iOS or Android application yet. However, their website is sleek and easy to navigate and offers a compact design that ensures optimum performance and functionality on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and computer alike.

Asiantie Members

Based on the functionality of actual-life and real-time dating, Asiantie welcomes people of varied sexual orientations. Asiantie members value long-term connections and true friendship over random hookups and one-time associations.

During registration, you need to fill up a total of 5 required fields. The process is less time-consuming, but you need to make sure that the information you provide is all-encompassing, complete, and up-to-date.

Asiantie is exclusively for adults and allows only those above the age of 18 years to use its services.

Asiantie Members

Cancellation Policy

Depending on your pricing and membership plan, you will most likely hold a “Guest” plan, “A Part-time Membership,” or a “Full Membership.” Make sure that you cancel your plan before the terms of your current plan end to avoid automatic recurring payments and repeat billing.

You may cancel your profile at any time by accessing the “My Account” tab on your Asiantie account. Alternatively, you can delete your account by connecting with the Support team.

Anonymity and Security

Asiantie.com maintains member anonymity diligently. All profiles and user information are kept private and sealed. It verifies all its members, and upon verification, it places a “Verified Member” mark on each verified profile.

You should also be aware that Asiantie collects data during sign-up as well as when you create and edit your profile. It also collects any information or details you share with customer support and the communications team for better customer service in the future. However, this information is kept completely confidential.

Use the “SEE ME, HEAR ME, MEET ME” technology to see and hear the person you are matching with while maintaining complete anonymity. Also, opt for the “Ask for Photo” or “Ask for more Info” feature to know about your potential partner.

Asiantie’s Pros and Cons


  • Profiles are completely private
  • Users can easily report profiles that seem spam or fraudulent
  • The site verifies the identities of all members
  • The interface is easy to navigate and comprehend
  • Dating and establishing friendships is limitless
  • The site hosts safe and sound dating tools and features
  • It’s compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones
  • Users can easily block members who are bothering them


  • No mobile application available
  • No option for anonymous payment options
  • It’s a fairly new website

Subscription Plans

Plan 1 - Trial Plan

  • Trial membership
  • Cancel before the end of the trial period to avoid automatic enrollment into the recurring plan
  • Non-recurring plan
  • INR 66.00 for one day
  • INR 333.33 for one week
  • INR 3998 for one month
  • Pay by credit card

Plan 2 - Trial Plan

  • Premium membership
  • Avail of a one-month promotional charge
  • Recurring plan
  • INR 1998.67 for one week
  • INR 3998 for one month
  • Pay by credit card

Plan 3 - Premium Subscription

  • Non-recurring
  • INR 3998 for one month
  • INR 4326.67
  • Pay by credit card

Asiantie Reviews

Lisa Lowe, Ohio, 25 years old.
“This matchmaking site is the perfect place to find an Asian partner. All communication is private and secure, and it allows for safe dating with reliable members.”

Mia Chu, Los Angeles, 26 years old.
“I found my Asian partner on this site. Asiantie is a truly special service, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for Asian love.”

Lian Kudrow, Texas, 32 years old.
“Asiantie is a fresh dating site with features like privacy and anonymity. I feel safe and protected when I use it, and every time I have reached out to Asiantie member support, their team has always helped me out with queries. The site is easy to navigate and simple to use. I have made some real connections with some amazing Asian men on this site.”

Expert Conclusion

Asiantie is an actual dating website that caters to both men and women of any sexual orientation. It’s a safe and secure website with a user-friendly interface and an efficient registration process. I managed to find several amazing Asian men and women from across the globe on this platform with ease. If you’re looking for genuine friendships, suitable partners, and long-term connections, Asiantie is for you. It is worth every cent. It keeps member information private and confidential, and I feel safe while using it.

While browsing the site, I noticed that the language used is simple to comprehend, its privacy policy is stringent and reassuring, and the site delivers what it should — a platform for safe dating. Based on my experience, I would recommend everyone who is looking for an Asian partner to sign up and explore the site for themselves.


Is Asiantie Legit Or A Scam?

Asiantie is legit. It is an online dating platform for all those looking for loving and interesting partners. You don’t have to be Asian to find Asian love on Asiantie.

What Type of Dating Site Is Asiantie.Com?

Asiantie is a three-year-old dating website that primarily caters to people of Asian origins. The majority of members, be it men or women, are Asian on this platform.

How to Start Dating on Asiantie.Com?

If you wish to use Asiantie.com for dating, you must first register. If you wish to avail of all of its services, make sure you subscribe to the site as a “Full” or “Paying” member. Check out the “Like Gallery,” our in-house dating tool, that can help you find interesting matches and showcase a wide range of member photos. If you’ve always had a soft spot for Asian culture, ethnicity, and its people, Asiantie.com is the most effective and convenient way to meet Asian men and women from around the world. From physical appearances to good etiquette, Asiantie hosts several courteous and trustworthy members to suit your fancy. For a foolproof dating profile and a safe meeting place, visit Asiantie.com right away and get yourself some Asian Lov