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BeFlirty Sign-Up | Getting Adult Boys and Girls in the Game

BeFlirty is a LustyLocals is a relatively new online dating platform for adult boys and girls. It offers myriad ways and means to find, meet, chat up, and flirt with a like-minded person. Site users are here either to play with others for a while or build a lasting relationship with their perfect match.

Unlike the tired, older Asian dating sites, American flirting circuits, and European hookup platforms, BeFlirty has a fresh and fantastic base of members. Everybody has the energy to get cozy and share their innermost desires with others.

Registration is a breeze, and it’s free to sign up. You’ll only be asked to pay if you want to grab hold of the premium features and services.

To join, just key in:

  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • Your location
  • Your password to access BeFlirty
  • Your e-mail address for verification

Pick the gender of your preferred date, too, for the system to give you excellent recommendations.

BeFlirty Sign in

Free and Paid BeFlirty Features

Awesome Free Features

Without any cost and trouble, here are things that every new BeFlirty user can enjoy once an account has been created, confirmed, and verified:

  • Build the user profile
  • Upload a profile photo
  • Receive messages
  • Search for members nearby
  • Report spam

Build the User Profile. All members, including those on free plans, can create their profile to be seen by others.

Upload a Profile Photo. Free and paid members can upload a photo of themselves to show their wares.

Receive Messages. Any free user can receive messages from other members. To read these, though, one must be a paying member.

Search for Members Nearby. Any free user can use the exclusive search engine to find locals who are ready to have fun.

Report Spam. The site provides great customer support and accepts reports of spam and violations of community guidelines.

Amazing Paid Features

BeFlirty site users, who are ready to make a modest investment to suit their dating requirements, can enjoy all these perks and more:

  • All free features
  • Unlimited live chat
  • Unlimited message exchange with other members
  • Private messaging

Unlimited Live Chat. Paying members can interact and flirt with others as much as they want via the vibrant chat rooms across the site. Here, they can get wise hookup and relationship advice, lots of cool pickup lines and warm quotes, and endless jokes.

Unlimited Message Exchange with Other Members. Paying subscribers can engage others in a fun and flirty conversations.

Private Messaging. Paying users can get intimate with others using this safe, secure, and ultra-private feature.

BeFlirty App | For Fast Adult Action Anytime, Anywhere

BeFlirty has a streamlined desktop and mobile site, and it has an app for smartphone users on the go. The iOS app is available from the Apple Store, while the Android app is available from Google Play.

The app helps solve the dating problems of men and women who are raving fast results in terms of finding, meeting, and flirting with possible partners in bedroom escapes. With just the touch of a finger, a tap on the screen, and that neat and nice push of the virtual button, they can start chatting up, flirting with, and having unforgettable bedroom fun with other BeFlirty members.

BeFlirty Members | Bold and Beautiful Online Adult Daters

BeFlirty is a wondrous Website with an app that embraces adult daters who are aching to be with like-minded people 18 years and older. It provides a venue for finding, meeting, chatting up, and flirting with men and women who are game to get down and dirty with them.

This online dating platform’s population is dominated by marvelous Millennials and gorgeous Generation Xers, although bombshell and beefcake Baby Boomers are brimming with naked excitement. There are also members of the gregarious Gen Z, who are young and yearning.

The commendable thing about BeFlirty is the way it maintains a non-judgmental environment. It’s open to singles, couples, lesbians, gays, heterosexuals, and others in between.

BeFlirty Members

BeFlirty Cancellation Policy

The BeFlirty dating site has a reasonable cancellation policy in place to give paying members peace of mind.

By default, paid membership plans are on auto-renew, so the premium features won’t be unceremoniously disrupted or terminated. Paying users who wish to end their subscription are advised to switch off the auto-renew function at least three days (or 72 hours) before the renewal date. This enables the system to cancel the membership before it charges the user’s credit card for the next billing period.

For subscriptions purchased onsite, cancellations are made through the user account. But for users enrolled through the Apple Store or Google Play must cancel their premium plans via their third-party app. The customer service desk accepts subscription inquiries through chat, phone, or e-mail.

Anonymity and Security

BeFlirty is an exclusive online dating platform for registered, confirmed, and verified members. It strives to weed out any unconfirmed user that tries to access the site, browse profiles, and reach out to members who have duly signed up. This is to protect everyone on the site from outsiders.

Once registered and confirmed, though, any logged-in member can go over the profiles and connect with other account owners. All users are advised to be careful at all times and not liberally give away sensitive personal information.

With regard to user security, the site employs (and deploys) modern technology to guard the members’ privacy. It also has a human help desk that accepts reports of violations of the dating community guidelines.

Pros and Cons


  • Friendly and non-judgmental environment
  • Diverse in age, gender, race, civil status, sexual preferences, and lifestyle
  • App available for adults seeking fast results and action
  • Hassle-free sign-up and e-mail confirmation procedures
  • Simple profile creation
  • Streamlined desktop and mobile site design for newcomers
  • Easy navigation of pages and features
  • Good search filters
  • Safety, security, and privacy systems well in place
  • Responsive customer service
  • Great premium services for low subscription rates
  • 24-hour and 7-day trial subscriptions available
  • Free to try


  • Some bogus and suspicious user profiles
  • It matches too general at times
  • Limited free features
  • Loaded with spam messages and promotional materials
  • Cancellation process too complicated

Subscription Plans

The BeFlirty dating site provides a free registration option. The no-cost sign-up once confirmed and verified, allows users to create their profile that includes their photo. It also lets them browse the pages, review the profiles, and search for possible flirt mates.

If free members are ready to pay but still have doubts about making a monthly or a quarterly subscription, they can try all the premium features and services for a full day (or 24 consecutive hours) or for a week (or 7 days straight). The day-long trial costs about a dollar, while the week-long trial costs less than five dollars.

For full memberships, the monthly plan costs $65, while the quarterly plan costs $70. The site offers a promotional price for the quarterly plan, about half the cost (or about $35). A new paying member can experience online dating to the max for 180 round days with the promo.

BeFlirty Reviews

Ava, 27, Oregon
Tried BeFlirty after a bad breakup but didn’t take it seriously. I was surprised to get quite a number of recommendations that were worth meeting offline. There’s a one really wonderful member I’m preparing to date exclusively.

Mason, 40, Utah
I was prolly looking out for a rebound encounter after my divorce, and I took to online dating because I couldn’t stand friends setting me up. What BeFlirty did was recommend locals, one of whom I’ve decided was THE incredible perfect match for me!

Elijah, 31, New Mexico
I’m awed by the non-judging environment for interracial couples. My partner and I (we’re whites) are thrilled to meet this great black couple, and now we’re all happy getting together once or twice weekly.

Expert Conclusion

At first, we thought of BeFlirty as one of those older Asian dating sites, American flirting circuits, and European hookup platforms that have gone too hairy for the modern dater’s taste. But after signing up for free and completing the user profile, we found out that this was different (in a good way).

Both the dating site’s desktop and mobile versions, not to mention the app, are easy to use and look secure. At least from our end, our search went like a dream, never mind that there were a few fake profiles to deal with (and report to customer care). There were many wet, wild, and willing locals who are ready for a hookup, and meeting some of them was fun and fabulous.

The platform doesn’t disappoint, and it’s reliable overall.


Is BeFlirty a Legit Dating Site, or Is It a Scam?

BeFlirty appears to be legit, and it’s legally registered in the United Kingdom. The site complies with UK and United States laws and the laws of the countries and regions it serves.

What kind of online dating platform is BeFlirty.com?

BeFlirty.com is an online dating platform that’s a personals site for adults wanting to find, meet, flirt with, and actually date people who are 18 years old or above.

How to Get Started on BeFlirty.com?

Simply complete the short registration form and confirm the free sign-up via e-mail. Then create your profile, search for members to chat and flirt with, and get in touch with them.