Finding the Best Dating Apps for Asian Guys

If you’re one of the many Asian men interested in finding the perfect partner, chances are, you’ve probably tried more than one Asian dating service in your lifetime. Running with that assumption, you’re probably pretty familiar with the struggle: it can be really hard to find a quality dating app!

Below, we’ll go over five different Asian dating sites & services that we’ve tried (that actually work!) to give your love quest a bit more direction. You don’t need to be single, so why live life alone? Your Asian sweetheart is waiting out there for you somewhere; let’s go find her!

Offering a variety of free features and a large, active user base, AsianDating is a popular way for young singles to meet & fall in love.

If you’re looking for a superior experience, this is it. Enjoy online dating from either your desktop or mobile device at affordable monthly rates (the service is free for females!).

Using a detailed signup process, AsianMelodies has successfully matched hundreds of couples (many even ending in marriage!). If you’re ready to commit, it’s time to sign up!

For long-distance lovers who want to be local, Blossoms could be the best option. Offering premium matchmaking services and visa assistance, this site is mainly for singles serious about getting hitched.

If you don’t mind taking it slow, AsiaFriendFinder is definitely worth signing up for. Not only can this site help you find love, but friendship as well!

Which Asian Dating Apps Are Completely Free?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any Asian dating apps that are both free & worth trying. However, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost: there are two services that come close. The first Asian dating service that’s “free” is AsianDating. Signing up for the site is free. So is browsing through profiles and using the various search filters. As expected, unlimited messaging isn’t a free feature, but free users can still use the messaging. Although you can’t send messages, you can respond to messages sent from a premium member. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to tell paid members from free ones.

The second option is entirely free, but not for men: only for women! However, this actually might be helpful on your Asian dating journey since being free for women means the service attracts more ladies. We’re talking about EastMeetEast, of course! Perfect for younger singles, this Asian dating service is constantly connecting couples and helping form real relationships.

How We Rated the Top Online Asian Dating Apps

Anyone can jump online & say that a less-than-average Asian dating site is great. Obviously, we didn’t want to do that, so we established a clear set of expectations for our top-rated Asian dating services. These included:

  • Profile Quality - You want to be able to learn a bit about a potential partner simply by reading through their profile. Without any information, you’ll be heading into a conversation blind—no good! Most sites contain basic information such as a person’s name, age, and location, but we tried to choose sites that told more than average.
  • User Base & Activity - Having a large user base is certainly important, but without an active community, the number of members on a site really doesn’t matter. All of the Asian dating services we chose have highly active communities, which means you should be able to start messaging with someone from the first day you sign up!
  • Ease of Use - No one likes having to go through an entire learning process when trying something new. Most people just want to log in and go! With that and mind, we tried to select services with little or no learning curve.

Background Check

Most Asian dating sites provide very little background information about themselves on their actual websites, so we decided to audit each site with a “background check” before adding them to our list of recommended services. This “background check” included checking how long a site had been operating, reading through user review websites, and confirming a lack of ongoing security issues (such as data breaches).

We Rate and Then Approve

There is only so much you can learn about an Asian matchmaking service without trying it. Naturally, we joined and tried out all of the Asian dating apps on our list before recommending them! First, we began the signup process, noting any complications or errors that came up. After that, we focused our attention on the number of details provided in each user profile throughout the matchmaking process. Once we matched with someone, we chatted for a bit to make sure that there was a real person on the other end of the screen (not just a chatbot like on some subpar services!).

The Many Benefits of Using Online Asian Dating Apps

Using traditional methods to find a date may have been sufficient in the past, but thanks to the rise of online services, singles these days have many more options to find love than their parents! We definitely think that dating online beats simply hoping to run into the love of your life, but there are more benefits to online Asian dating than just that! Here are a few:

  • Instant communication - Unlike traditional romancing methods where you may have to wait before you can talk to your partner, using online apps allows you to connect with your sweetheart instantly! Text, pictures, and videos all offer easy ways to stay in touch.
  • Access to a wider variety of singles - The likelihood that “the one” lives right down the street is pretty low. Why not improve your chances by expanding your potential partner options? Using an online matchmaking service, you can easily connect with singles both locally and long-distance to find a suitable partner fast.
  • It’s much easier to find an Asian partner - By using a dedicated Asian dating site, you can skip the searching and jump right in the DMs!

Find the Perfect Asian Dating App for You

Different Asian dating apps serve different purposes. Whereas some services are better for finding true romance, other sites may simply allow singles to find a quick hookup for the night. You’ll want to figure out what your Asian dating goals are before choosing a site because joining a site that doesn’t match your relationship goals is unlikely to be productive. Although you might be able to find true romance on a hookup website, why make life harder than it needs to be?

Site Security is Important!

It’s often overlooked, but online security is very important when joining a website to meet Asian partners. This begins with HTTPS encryption (which helps keep your information safe from hackers) but also extends to site safety as well. Most Asian dating apps block the general public from seeing who’s signed up, meaning your boss won’t be able to find your profile and an Asian preference from a simple Google search. This is especially important to singles who enjoy keeping their love life private.

Experts Conclusion

The internet is a great place to find love, especially if you’re partaking in online Asian dating. It can be hard to find the perfect local Asian partner by chance, so using a dedicated dating service makes it much easier & less stressful. For singles who don’t mind dating long-distance, Asian dating sites allow them to meet singles across the world & find relationships they would’ve never had otherwise. No matter if you’re dating locally or long-distance, dating online is certainly the best way to find the Asian love of your life!


Where Can I Meet Asians?

While it’s always possible to meet potential Asian partners by chance throughout your day, the best way to meet attractive Asians for sure is by online dating!

How Popular Is Asian Dating?

As a common practice around the world, it should come as no surprise that Asian dating is quite popular. Although it may not have been as prevalent in the past, these days, online dating is the best way to find an Asian partner.

Is It Safe to Date Using Asian Dating Sites?

The sites above are all safe to use. However, we recommend using caution if joining a service not included on the list above.