Best Free Asian Dating Sites

Asia has about 4.3 billion people. It, therefore, means that there is a very high number of Asian singles seeking partners. Whether you are Asian or non-Asian but interested in dating Asians, the best place to find these singles is on free Asian dating sites. It means that you will gain access to these singles completely free. If you have to pay, it will be a low rate, and you’ll only do that if interested in the more sophisticated features of the websites.

We researched the best free Asian dating sites and picked up 5 that we think are worth your time. These platforms have millions of Asian singles looking for all types of relationships. All you have to do is sign up, create an account, and start talking with the hot singles looking for partners online.

These websites have efficient communication systems to facilitate your online interactions. We also tell you about the best approach when choosing these free Asian dating sites and the benefits you gain from them.

It is one of the top sites for free online Asian dating. It has a large user base and covers many countries. We give it 4 stars.

Sign up for free on this dating site and start connecting with Asian singles online. We give it 4 stars.

Receive and send messages to Asian singles for free on this dating site. We give it 5 stars.

Get five free chats on this dating site. You can also search members for free, as well as access matchmaking services at no cost.

Get a 3-day trial, 5 free messages after signing up, and add members to the favorites list at no cost on this dating site. It’s also free to upload videos and photos, as well as send winks.

Which Dating Sites for Meeting Asian Singles Are Completely Free?

The Asian dating sites we have mentioned above have both free and premium accounts. In most of the platforms, the standard or basic account is enough to help you connect with the singles on the platform. You only get to pay if you want to access premium features like live video chatting. Getting a dating site that is completely free and has good features is hard, but there are some.

One of the top sites that is free, and you can use it to find Asian singles online is This website has a large user base of Asian singles looking for serious relationships, marriage, while there are others seeking hookup partners. Members of the website go through a rigorous registration and verification process before being confirmed as members. Members can send up to 5 free messages with photos per day. You can send as many Flirtcasts as you want for free. Overall, registration plus a bulk of the features at are free.

You don’t have to upgrade on this website to meet your type of Asian single. A standard account gives you almost everything you need to make a connection and convince a member to meet for a date. It’s also a safe platform that guarantees your confidentiality as you interact with the other singles online. A good alternative would be UpForIt, where you can send winks and add members to favorites for free. UpForIt dating site is also where you can upload photos and videos for free.

How We Came up with the Top Online Free Asian Dating Sites

There are many dating sites on the Internet. It, therefore, takes time to filter and select the best free platforms for meeting Asian singles. There are multiple parameters that are important to check when selecting a useful online dating site, especially if it offers a significant number of its services for free. For example, you’d expect that most of these free sites would have many fake profiles, and it was important to check the registration and verification process.

We strived to ensure that we only select websites that verify their members before being accepted on the platform. Websites that prompt members to verify their email address cut down on the number of people planning to create fake profiles through unverified email addresses. Some websites like go further to verify the members through a questionnaire, ensuring that you’ll only be interacting with real people on the platform.

We also checked on the user base, especially the number of Asian singles. Some of the dating websites we’ve listed are specifically designed for the Asian demographic. Therefore, most of the users on the platform either come from Asia or are residents of other countries but are of Asian origin. Websites with a higher number of these singles increase your chances of getting a match.

A Thorough Background Check of the Sites

We also did a thorough background check of each of the dating sites we’ve listed. Areas of interest included ownership, years in operation, the signup process, and how the websites are managed. We also read online reviews of users about the dating site and tried to confirm if the testimonials match the sites’ reputation. Because these are dating sites for Asians, it was also important to check out if any social or cultural expectations needed to be met by the websites.

We sampled the free services offered on each dating site to see if they are any different from what would be offered on a premium package. The only limitation was the numbers or frequency. For example, you can send only 5 free messages per day on some websites, while premium members can send unlimited messages. Overall features, the free services are as good as what would be offered on a premium account.

We Rate Before Approving the Sites

A thorough evaluation of the websites is conducting before approving them to readers. This evaluation involves testing every feature that is essential in online dating. Because we were testing free dating sites, we were most interested in the free services offered. We only considered dating sites with the bulk of their free features having a rating of at least 3 stars out of 5.

The rating was also based on the user base. Specifically, any site with a significant number of Asian singles passed the test. These singles do not necessarily have to be located in Asian countries but can be spread in other countries in the world.

Usability is also an important factor in testing these platforms for the users. Websites with user-friendly platforms are most preferred. Besides, many users prefer clean layouts and clearly labeled tabs that make it easy to identify the features on Asian dating sites.

Advantages of Online Free Asian Dating

One of the obvious advantages of using these free online dating platforms is that you get connected with Asian singles for free. You can browse profiles, send messages or winks, add people to your favorites list, receive and read messages, upload photos and videos, and use chat rooms for free. These are some of the most important online dating services, and if you can get them for free, then it’s a major benefit. Anything on the premium account is just extra.

Because they are free to join and access most features, most of these dating sites have a large user base of Asian singles. It is up to you to filter members and choose the ones you want to interact with or meet for dates. Furthermore, you can choose the specific countries of interest. For example, you can choose to browse profiles of Asian singles in China or those in Japan.

These free online dating platforms give you an opportunity to make a connection with Asian singles before making plans for a date. Through the chats, it’s easy to see if there is chemistry. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or something short-term, it’s important there is some form of compatibility.

A Better Range of Free Asian Dating Sites Online

There are more dating sites that you can use to meet Asian singles for free. These platforms have many Asian singles looking for partners of all types and races and from anywhere in the world. Some of the platforms singles can try. They include Match, EliteSingles, EastMeetEast, Truly Asian, Asian Date, among other platforms.

It’s important to look out for the free features available on these dating sites. It will guarantee that you’ll be able to connect and interact with the Asian singles for free. The more global sites like Match and EliteSingles are especially useful for meeting Asian singles who are in other countries or continents other than those in Asia.

Some of the websites have an option to communicate in Asian languages. These platforms would be appropriate for Asians interacting with Asians. Communicating in member’s native language makes interaction better for the two parties. Otherwise, most of the websites use common languages that both parties can understand, and one of them is the English language.

Amazing Security

The dating sites we’ve sampled have one thing in common - great security. For people looking for free online platforms for meeting other singles, one of their concerns would be the security of these websites. As we have mentioned earlier, most of these websites have through registration and verification processes, ensuring that only real people get on board. These measures minimize the number of scammers or fraudsters on the websites.

The websites are secured and have SSL certificates, enhancing their trust among users. Your data is also protected, and you can confidently interact with other users online without fear of leaking messages, photos, or any other form of personal data.

Members should also take personal measures to protect themselves on the websites. You should not share your personal information with people you’re not sure about. If someone looks suspicious, you can block or report them. Only exchange contacts with people you are confident about the meeting.


There are many online dating sites for meeting Asian singles. But not every site will grant you access to their essential services for free. We have listed for you some of the best free dating sites for meeting Asian singles. You can chat, exchange messages, upload photos, upload videos, and send winks for free on most of these dating sites. You don’t have to pay anything to meet these beautiful singles.

Although they are free to use, these websites are secure. The free services also give users a real online dating experience, just like a user would get on a premium account. You can, therefore, comfortably use these platforms to connect with Asian singles looking for partners.


How can I easily meet Asian singles?

Use the free online Asian dating sites to meet them.

Do these websites have premium accounts?

Yes, most of these websites offer both free and premium memberships.

How safe are these free online Asian dating sites?

These online websites are safe and secure.