We Found the Best Asian Hookup Sites!

It wasn’t easy (and it took a lot of trial & error), but if you’re looking for the best Asian hookup sites on the net, then you’ve come to the right place! Many people swear by their personal choice of hookup service, so we had to try them out firsthand to see which ones help you get laid & which ones just waste your time. Asian women (and men) are known for being extremely attractive, so you’ll definitely want to hook up with one if you get the chance. However, in normal day-to-day activities, this opportunity may not come up very often. Fortunately, by using one of these Asian hookup websites, you can find a sexy woman & have her over to your house in no time!!


Looking for someone local? IwantAsian location-based matchmaking system will have you sending messages, flirting with cuties, & going out on dates in no time!


If you’re not sure if you’d rather simply hook up or dedicate your time to building a relationship, MingeAsian has you covered, helping singles find all different types of relationships on its simplistic platform!


For singles who prefer to date on the go, AsiaMe is a great option. Available via browser & mobile app, AsiaMe connects singles who are ready to commit.


Completely free for its female members, EastMeetEast offers an easy way for men to find attractive, younger Asian women for only a small membership fee.


This popular Asian dating site allows users to easily meet Asian singles online. With a nearly even split between the genders, finding a hookup will be easy!

Are There Any Free Asian Hookup Services?

Yes and no: it depends entirely on your gender! If you’re a girl, then you can easily join an Asian hookup site for free. However, if you’re a guy, then finding an Asian hookup is going to cost you. For the ladies, free online hookups can be found at EastMeetEast, a popular Asian dating & hookup website.

EastMeetEast allows women to use its services for free, which actually benefits both genders. For the ladies, the obvious benefit is that they will never have to spend a dime to find a hookup online. For the men, they’ll have more Asian partner options since more women will be signing up! EastMeetEast has a wide variety of features, including instant messaging, search (with filters), the ability to send “Smiles,” and detailed user profiles.

How We Rated the Top Online Asian Hookup Sites

With so many Asian hookup websites to choose from, we knew we’d have to establish clear criteria if we wanted to accurately determine which Asian hookup service was the best. Below is the list of criteria we used!

  • Community Size & Activity - The larger user base an Asian hookup site has, the easier it will be for members to find local users to hook up with! Of course, these members also have to use the site on a daily basis, which is why we prioritized community activity over community size. However, singles who live in remote areas may need to try multiple services if they want to have the most Asian hookup options possible.
  • Ease of Use - Most online dating sites are set up relatively the same. While some may offer more features than others, any good service will be easy to use, even for a beginner!
  • Profile Quality - You’re unlikely to have a good time with someone whose values completely go against yours, so having the ability to learn a bit about someone before meeting up is always helpful.

The Background Check

It’s important to only use reputable Asian hookup services. If not, you risk running into weirdos, scammers, and fake accounts! We checked all of the services listed above to make sure that they met our strict requirements for a quality Asian hookup site. We began the process by checking the age of a site/service. While age isn’t necessarily an indication of quality service, having been in business for a while definitely helps their reputability. We also went over each Asian hookup service’s history to make sure they haven’t had any issues with site security or data breaches. Lastly, we glanced at a few different user review websites to make sure the sites’ bold claims matched the experience of their users.

Tested & Approved

It’s unwise to recommend something that you haven’t tried yourself, so we joined and briefly used all of the Asian hookup services above to make sure they were worth your time. We judged them throughout the entire process, beginning with the initial signup form. Asian hookup sites needed to be easy to join if they wanted to meet our expectations. Next, we took a look at the profile quality to ensure that singles could learn enough about a person to make an informed decision. We also tested the matchmaking processes to determine how easy it was to find a local match.

The Benefits of Using Online Asian Hookup Sites

Finding a hookup online is far easier than bar hopping or going to the club. Here are a couple of reasons why you should always look for your next Asian hookup online, rather than IRL!

  • You can meet other singles faster. Physical interactions are time-consuming. Meeting singles online is the best way to go since you can message multiple people and review options in seconds, not hours.
  • You can flirt with multiple people at once. If you’re meeting other singles in the club, you can really only talk to one person at a time. However, if you’re using an Asian hookup site, you can talk to multiple people, which allows you to have a different hookup anytime you want!

Choosing the Right Asian Hookup Site

Your choice of Asian hookup site will have a big effect on your sex life in the near future, so it’s important that you pick the best site for your unique situation. What works best for one person may not work best for the next person, and there are a variety of things to consider before making your decision. These include:

  • Location - Some Asian hookup services will have more local members than others. You may have to try a few different sites to determine which will give you the most potential partners.
  • Activity - If you’re only trying to hook up every so often, high user activity may not be particularly important. However, if you’re trying to have an naughty date with an amazing partner every night, you’ll definitely want your choice of site to have an extremely active community!
  • Mobility - Some singles don’t mind finding partners from their computers. However, if you prefer to browse using your phone, make sure your choice of service has a dedicated app (or at least a mobile-optimized browser version!).

Safety & Security

The Asian hookup services we’ve listed above have all been tested for site security. However, if you decide to use a site not included on our list, you’ll want to make sure that their safety & security measures are up to par. At a bare minimum, this includes HTTPS encryption (which helps prevent hackers from stealing valuable personal information) and an active site administration. Site admins are there to monitor the community, resolve conflicts, and prevent fake accounts from joining.

Experts Conclusion

Finding a hookup online shouldn’t be a challenge, even if you’re only interested in finding an Asian partner. Thankfully, the wide variety of sites & services available today makes it easy for nearly anyone to find a hot local Asian! Although your personal experience will vary depending on the site you use and where you live, online hookup sites will definitely give you far more opportunities for fun & sexy encounters. If you use one of the hookup services listed above, we’re sure you can get laid tonight!


How Can I Meet Attractive Asians for Hookups?

You can hope to meet an attractive Asian single by chance, but the best way to find a hookup is by going online!

Is Asian Sex Dating Popular?

It’s not exactly “mainstream,” but Asian sex matchmaking sites are very popular. Much like their Western counterparts, many Asians enjoy the occasional (or frequent) hookup!

Are Asian Hookup Sites Safe?

Unfortunately, not all hookup sites are safe to use so you should always be cautious before joining a service not included on the list above.