The Best China Dating Sites to Find Love Fast!

Does the idea of having a Chinese partner sound perfect to you? Perhaps you’re moving (or even just on a trip) to China & want to know the best way to find romance fast. If that sounds like you, then this list of matchmaking sites to meet people from China is exactly what you need! Dating can be a real drag if your options are limited to only the people you meet in your everyday routine. Often, your perfect partner isn’t someone you’ll meet by chance; instead, they’re someone just out of reach. Fortunately, by using an online China dating site, they won’t be out of reach anymore—so sign up & send them a message!

Whether you’re looking for a casual date or a serious relationship, can help you find it! Girls can register for free, ensuring plenty of options for the male members!

If the ability to date while on the go is important to you, you’ll definitely want to consider signing up for AsiaMe. The mobile app allows you to connect with cute Asian singles even while you’re out and about!

This popular Chinese dating website has over 2.5 million members worldwide. The large user base makes it nearly guaranteed that you’d quickly find a match!

With more female members than males, Cherry Blossoms is a great site for guys searching for a long-term relationship (or more) with a Chinese partner.

This completely free Asian matchmaking website makes it easy for singles to find a Chinese partner. Best of all, they use a phone verification process to ensure that all of their members are real people!

Which Chinese Dating Sites Are Completely Free?

Many people are intrigued by the idea of dating online, but when they hear that they’ll need to pay, they quickly become discouraged. Fortunately, if you’re interested in China dating, money doesn’t need to be an issue. Actually, you can begin your China dating journey for free using DateInAsia!

This popular China dating site functions as both a dating & a social media platform for Asian singles everywhere. Unlike many sites that limit functionality to paying members, DateInAsia offers every single one of the site’s features entirely for free! Not only can you send direct messages to other members, but there are free China dating chat rooms you can use as well. DateInAsia takes an active approach to prevent fake accounts, which means you’ll need to provide a valid phone number for verification before you can use the platform. Although somewhat annoying, this is actually very good because it means you won’t have to worry about being harassed by fake accounts or chatbots.

How We Chose the Top Online Dating Sites in China

Many people have a favorite China dating site, so if you’re just asking based on opinion, you’re likely to receive many different answers. Rather than leaving it up to speculation, we established a clear set of criteria to rate the various China dating sites on. Although there were a few additional considerations, the main things we focused on were the user base/activity, ease of use, and profile quality.

User base and activity are extremely important when it comes to China dating online. A site may have a lot of different members, but if no one is actually using the website, then it will be nearly impossible to effectively find a match. A China dating site should also be easy to understand and use; if not, the number of people using the service is likely to be low! Lastly, profile quality is an important consideration. Ideally, you should be able to learn enough to have a few icebreakers in mind (simply from a quick glance at their profile!).

Background Check

When it comes to marketing, every China dating website wants you to know that they’re the best service around. Obviously, this can’t be true, which is why we conducted “background checks” on each China dating site before recommending it. This background check process included checking the age of the website, current/past user review sites, and current user activity.

Being an older website doesn’t necessarily mean a service is better, but a well-established China dating site will often outperform a newer site. The user experience is of utmost importance, so we made sure that most people had a positive time while using these sites before recommending them. We also made sure that each website had a constant number of people logging in. Sites with no activity won’t help you find matches!

Testing & Approval

The purpose of our list was to recommend the best China dating sites for singles to use, but it would be impossible to do so without trying them for ourselves! We joined all of the China dating sites above ourselves and used them for a little bit to make sure that they were up to our standards. In addition to ensuring that the services were easy to join & use, we also made sure that you could find real matches. Many subpar sites use bots to make the sites seem active, so we had a few conversations with people to ensure there were real people on the sites.

The Benefits of Online China Dating Sites

The traditional approach to China dating works decently, but using online China dating sites can help you find a match much faster. Here’s why!

  • You’ll have more options. No longer will you be limited to the Chinese singles you know personally. Instead, you’ll be presented with hundreds of potential matches online! Many sites offer search filters that allow you to find potential partners that meet your specific partner requirements, making matchmaking a breeze.
  • The communication is instant. Most China dating websites have some sort of instant messenger, which allows you to always stay connected with your new Chinese partner. In addition to basic text messages, many sites allow you to share photos & videos as well!
  • You’re not limited by location. Online services often let you search by location for potential matches, meaning you can find both local & long-distance matches with ease.

Choices & China Dating Sites

Some sites work better than others, depending on what you’re looking for in a relationship. Whereas some China dating websites are designed specifically for finding hookups, other services may aim to connect romantics for real relationships. Singles should determine their relationship goals prior to joining any China dating website. Joining a service that doesn’t match your relationship goals may result in a subpar online dating experience. No good!

Setting Security Expectations

Never join a site that doesn’t take the proper security measures. There are a few basic features that all of our China dating sites offer that ensure you’ll have a safe experience while dating online. For the sites that offer premium membership, HTTPS encryption is standard. This prevents anyone from stealing your credit card information off of the website. Another popular feature is profile protection. This means that someone will need to be registered on the website to view your profile; they won’t be able to find your China dating profile from a simple Google search! This helps tremendously with privacy and allows singles to date online without fear of judgment.

Experts Conclusion

More and more singles are turning to the internet for love, and with good reason! Online China dating websites are the fastest and easiest way to meet new potential partners. They don’t limit you by location; in fact, they enable you to meet your perfect partner (even if they happen to be halfway across the world!). They also connect you with your local community by showing nearby matches first. If you’re serious about finding a Chinese partner, then you’ll definitely want to join a dedicated China dating website. The love of your life could be only a few clicks away!


Where Can I Meet Chinese Singles?

The best way to meet Chinese singles is online. You will have many different potential partners to choose from (far more than you would from day-to-day interactions alone!).

How Popular is China Dating?

China dating is extremely common. In fact, most Chinese women aim to be married before the age of 26!

Are Chinese Dating Sites Safe to Use?

Most Chinese matchmaking sites are safe to use. However, we recommend sticking to the trusted services above if you want to ensure your online safety!