Using the Best Gay Asian Dating Sites

When it comes to gay Asian dating online, you don’t want to settle in your choice of site. If you do, finding matches could take forever, and the people you match with might not be a good fit. With that in mind, we set out to find the best gay Asian dating sites on the web. There are many options for gay men to find a partner online, but few services are marketed specifically to Asians. Although the services below are a mix of both, they all share one thing in common: they’re perfect for gay Asian dating!

If you’re looking to flirt with multiple men quickly, this is the site for you! Offering an easy-to-use layout & a small variety of features, the active gay community on this site should be more than enough to keep you entertained.

Surprisingly SFW, NaughtyDate is an easy way to find (and hook up with) the man of your choice.

Combining social media with online dating, TenderMeets is the perfect site for gay singles ready to settle down. With detailed profiles to help you find a compatible match, you can expect great things when you join this site.

Offering detailed profiles, multiple search filters, and local matchmaking, IwantAsian is the easiest way to find a local Asian partner.

Full of sexy men and plenty of eye candy, this site can help you find a hookup, a relationship, or both!

Which Gay Asian Dating Sites Are Completely Free?

When it comes to online dating, most singles want to spend as little money as possible. Unfortunately (at least when it comes to gay Asian dating), there aren’t any completely free options. At least not for the men! For the ladies, however, IwantAsian does offer some free services, but men will still need to pay for unlimited use.

That said, IwantAsian does have a decent amount of potential as a free gay Asian dating site, even if the service itself isn’t entirely free. You can register for free, browse through members using the search feature, view chat room messages, and enjoy a limited amount of messages. You can send five messages per day (each one to a different person) without paying, but if you want to really maximize your gay Asian dating online experience, you’ll definitely want to upgrade your account. Fortunately, membership is fairly affordable, with prices as low as $0.46 per day!

How We Chose the Top Online Gay Asian Dating Sites

With so many different gay Asian dating sites online, it can be hard to instantly pick which service is the best. Naturally, rather than try to randomly compare services, we came up with a set of criteria that we used to judge the various gay Asian dating services. Here are the top factors that we considered!

  • Community size & activity - It’s good when a site has lots of members, but simply having a large user base doesn’t mean much. To really be effective, the online community has to be active as well, so we made sure that all of our choices had vibrant & active online communities before recommending them.
  • Profile quality - Although many services require you to pay if you want to view a member’s full profile, we still took profile quality into account. A high-quality profile will provide you with information far beyond the normal details (name, age, and location).
  • Communication options - The ability to send text-based messages is fairly standard across the board. However, we favored gay Asian dating services that went above & below, offering features like photo/video messaging, forums, or chat rooms.

The Background Check

Every gay Asian dating site says that they’re the best, so it’s always a good idea to do a fact check. During our “background check” process, we gathered our list of gay Asian dating sites and rated them on a small variety of factors. First things first, we checked to see how long these services had been up and running. An older service isn’t necessarily better than a new one, but having a good track record is certainly helpful! We also checked various user review sites to see how the current users enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy) using the website(s) in question. Lastly, we checked to see if these gay Asian dating sites had any security problems in the past, such as data breaches.

We Tested and Then Approved

The best way to realize the value of a gay Asian dating site is to try it firsthand! The first thing we considered was the signup process: a great site is one that takes only moments to join but also offers a decent amount of personalization options. Ideally, the initial signup should be quick, requiring only a little information, but the actual profile page should have plenty of information fields for you to complete. The next thing we looked at was the user base. Having members online (and nearby) was important to us, although (to be fair) the number of local users is highly dependent on where you live. Lastly, we tested the chat feature, had a few different conversations, and determined that the singles we were chatting with weren’t bots.

The Benefits of Using Online Gay Asian Dating Sites

It’s been a long time since the traditional approach to dating was the best way to find a partner. These days, gay Asian dating is best when you do it online. Here’s why!

  • You’ll meet many more people - If you’re only dating locally, you won’t be able to meet many different people. However, by gay Asian dating online, you’ll be able to meet sexy singles from all around the world. You can match by location as well, so you can even meet local people you didn’t know existed. Talk about options!
  • You can play the field - In person, you can only go on one date at a time. However, when you’re dating online, you can talk to multiple guys at once, quickly determining who’ll make the cut & who won’t.
  • LGBT-only matchmaking – Sites we’ve highlighted above have one particular shared feature – if you use them and set up the parameters for gay Asian dating – that’s exactly what you’ll get, no more awkward flirting with straight guys!

You Get a Choice of Gay Asian Dating Site

Some gay Asian dating services specialize in helping singles find hookups, whereas others are more for romantic pursuits. Different relationships will require different approaches, so it’s best to choose a gay Asian dating site that caters to the type of relationship you’re looking for. If not, you might have trouble meeting like-minded singles!

Safety & Security

All of the gay Asian dating sites listed above maintain good safety & security standards. Using HTTPS encryption, they help prevent your personal data from being intercepted by hackers. This is especially important if you decide to purchase a premium membership (which will likely require your credit card!). Our recommended gay Asian dating sites also all have an active team of moderators maintaining the site, which helps prevent fake accounts & uphold site integrity.

Experts Conclusion

Many men worry that just because they’re gay and Asian, their dating options will be limited. Thankfully, the sites listed in the review above confirm that this simply isn’t true! With a wide variety of gay Asian dating sites on the web, singles will easily be able to find the hookup or relationship they’re looking for. For the casual dater, free services will likely be enough to get them started, but once you’re serious about finding a partner, we highly recommend getting a premium membership. Your new partner is likely only a few clicks away… so join one of these sites now!


Where Can I Meet Asian Gay Guys?

If you don’t mind leaving it up to chance, you’ll probably run into other gay Asian guys eventually. However, if you want to start dating right away, it’s time to jump online!

How Popular Is Gay Asian Dating?

It hasn’t reached mainstream levels quite yet, but online gay Asian dating increases in popularity every day!

Is Online Dating Safe?

Generally speaking, online dating is relatively safe (especially if you use one of the services in this review!). However, we do recommend always using common sense & safety practices when dating on the web.