The Best Japanese Dating Sites of 2022

Let’s be honest for a second: Japanese people are extremely attractive! If you’re one of the many singles interested in finding a Japanese partner yourself, then you’ll definitely want to try a Japanese dating site. Of course, not all Japanese dating sites are created equal: some can help you find a match right away, but others are inactive & unlikely to help very much. Even worse, some Japanese dating sites don’t even help you find love—they just steal your money! Fortunately, we’ve created this short list of tried and true sites for you to try. You don’t need to worry about being taken advantage of or being scammed. Instead, enjoy chatting with attractive Japanese singles, both locally and abroad. Worry less and start matching today!

Many people swear by this site, and for good reason: it accommodates people of all sexual orientations! While straight singles will definitely have plenty of options, our LBGT friends will have potential matches too.

Perfect for when you just want a quick hookup, BeNaughty caters to men & women around the world. Enjoy the company of loads of attractive women without needing to tie the knot!

Connect with attractive Asian singles on this easy-to-use website. Profiles are protected so you won’t have to worry about your online safety!

This site is known throughout the world as an effective way to find true love. Offering excellent translation services, language won’t be a barrier on your road to romance!

With over one million members and a dedicated mobile app for Android devices, you’ll be able to quickly find a potential match using JapanCupid!

Which Japanese Dating Sites for Foreigners Are Completely Free?

Unfortunately, like most mainstream services, the best Japanese dating sites require purchasing a premium membership if you want the best service. However, if you don’t want to spend any money online, don’t worry—there are still options!

IwantAsian is a popular Japanese dating site that provides many features for free, meaning you can start matching with Japanese cuties right away without needing to whip out a credit card. Account creation and matchmaking are entirely free features. You can view other member’s profiles, but you won’t be able to see all of their information or photos without a premium membership. Still, the IwantAsian Japanese dating platform does allow free members to send messages (unlike many other matchmaking sites). You’ll be limited to only five messages per day, but for a light user, this should be more than enough to begin your online journey towards finding a Japanese partner!

Like many websites, you always need to keep a lookout for fake accounts, but IwantAsian helps you protect yourself using “Safe Mode”. This unique feature allows you to limit who messages you, meaning you can block all unverified members from reaching out. This is a feature that we’d like to see on more dating sites.

How We Rate the Top Online Japanese Dating Sites

When we made our list of the best Japanese dating sites, we knew it was important to have a set of standards going in. After all, without a set of standards, how can you accurately compare websites to figure out which ones are the best? We based our choice of sites on mainly three different factors: user base size, user activity, and website design.

User base size is definitely important. A Japanese dating site without a lot of members is unlikely to help singles match very quickly, even if the website itself is very good. The more people who use a website, the easier it is to find a real match! Of course, simply having lots of people signed up doesn’t help very much if no one ever uses their account, so we limited our list to sites with a high level of user activity. Site design is important too, because no one likes being confused whenever they try something new. Basic, clean, and clearly labeled designs tend to work best when it comes to online matchmaking.

Background Check

There are many sites that seem great at first glance, but a peek through all the smoke & mirrors often reveals something else. With that in mind, we conducted a “background check” on all of these sites. We checked for a few different things, starting with site age. Being an older site doesn’t necessarily mean a site is better, but it’s hard to tell if a site is any good if it’s only a few months old. We also checked the history for any data breaches, as sites that are constantly being hacked should be avoided. Lastly, we also took a look at a few different user review websites to see what people were saying about these sites to find a Japanese girlfriend.

We Rate and Then Approve

You can only learn so much about a Japanese dating site by reading about it. To get the “real” experience, you have to try it for yourself! All the Japanese dating sites we recommend are services we’ve personally tried, so we’re sure you’ll have a positive experience while using them. A quick & easy signup process was standard across the board, but we were mainly concerned with the matchmaking process. After receiving a few messages, we had a few conversations with the members of each Japanese dating site to make sure that our “matches” were real people, not chatbots!

Benefits of Online Japanese Dating Sites

Traditional Japanese dating methods may have worked well in the past, but times are changing. Therefore, it’s important that singles try the newest dating methods if they want to have the best chance at success, and that means joining Japanese dating sites! Online dating actually has a lot of advantages over the traditional approach; here are a few!

  • You can keep your relationship private. Especially if you’re dating while living in Japan, the Japanese people tend to value privacy in relationships. PDA may not be appropriate for your new partner from Japan, but there’s nothing preventing you from getting flirtatious in the DMs!
  • Messaging is instant. Nearly all Japanese dating sites have an instant messaging system, which means your new partner is only a message away (even if they’re actually half a world away!).
  • There are more options. Unlike dating IRL, online dating sites are filled with thousands of people. This means you’ll have a much better chance at finding a match fast while Japanese dating!

The Vast World of Japanese Dating Sites

Not everyone shares the same goals when visiting a Japanese dating site. Some singles are looking for hookups or flings; others are ready for a relationship. More romantic singles approach Japanese dating with a single goal in mind: marriage! Whatever relationship goals you have, choosing the right Japanese dating site is important to your success. Fortunately, there are many different sites to choose from, and many cater to specific relationship goals. Some sites may be perfect for finding a hookup, whereas others may be better suited for the true romantic.

Great Security

Much like general online dating, Japanese dating can cause some privacy issues. Therefore, you should choose a site that limits profile viewing to members only. Beyond privacy, this has another advantage: it reduces the likelihood of identity theft! Most sites use HTTPS encryption, which helps keep your credit card information safe, so you’ll be set while Japanese dating online.

Experts Conclusion

Not every Japanese dating site is created equal, but if you use the services we recommended above, you’re sure to find your perfect partner in no time! Whether you’re looking for a casual relationship or are ready to get married, using an online Japanese dating site will definitely give you the best shot at finding the relationship you’re looking for. We highly recommend trying out multiple sites before settling on one. This will give you a bunch of potential partner options—happy dating!


Where Can I Meet Japanese Singles?

Most Japanese singles live very busy lives, so by far, the best way to meet a potential partner is by jumping online.

How Popular is Japanese Dating?

Japanese dating is very common, even if the country’s traditions vary from their Western counterparts. Remember, marriage down the road is always a consideration!

Is Online Dating Safe?

The sites above are all safe to use. However, use caution if joining another site because we can not confirm the validity of those services.