The Best Dating Sites in the Philippines

There are many different types of men & women around the world. Some prefer thin partners, some prefer thick partners, some prefer short partners, some prefer tall partners, etc. However, if you’re one of the singles interested in finding a partner in the Philippines, then our list of the best phil dating sites is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Phil dating includes both Filipino & Filipina dating, with one shared theme between the genders: all the singles are extremely attractive!

Singles enjoy phil dating for different reasons. Some people may just be passing through; others may enjoy the excitement of a long-distance relationship. Whatever you’re looking for, joining a phil dating site offers an easy way to find a perfect, compassionate partner without the hassles of trying to find a partner IRL. Like people, there are many different sites, so here are five services you’ll definitely want to check out!

This well-known site makes it easy to find your Filipina sweetheart online. The simplistic layout should be familiar to anyone who’s ever used a courting site before, making the process easy right from the get-go!

Hoping to find your Asian sweetheart? You’ll definitely be able to find her (or him) on AsianTie, the best site for real romantic pursuits!

If you’re ready to connect but perhaps not ready for a relationship, MingleAsian provides an easy way to meet attractive Asian singles for chat, friendship, or more!

This service makes it easy to find a suitable Asian partner online, but it also offers one distinct advantage over alternative services: there’s a mobile app available!

This popular Asian dating site is a great way to find a forever partner. People don’t use this service for finding hookups; they use it for finding love!

Which Phil Dating Sites Are Completely Free to Use?

When it comes to online options, the best sites usually require members to pay a premium to receive the best services possible. Unfortunately, this standard transfers over to phil dating. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll be completely out of luck. There actually is one phil dating website that is (somewhat) free to use:!

Free members on this popular phil dating site won’t have access to all of the site’s features, but they do have access to almost all basic features, as well as limited access to messaging. Profiles and photos can be viewed for free; sending “Interests” (Likes”) as well! When it comes to messaging, free users on this phil dating site aren’t able to send them, but they can respond to messages from a premium member. This means if you send out enough “Interests”, you will eventually find someone you can chat with!

How We Rate the Top Online Dating Sites in the Philippines

Users have many options when it comes to phil dating online. Therefore, it’s important to have specific criteria to use when determining which sites are worthwhile and which ones are worthless. We focused on three: user base, ease of use, & activity.

The importance of a large user base in phil dating is fairly obvious. A site without many members won’t be able to provide users with a lot of matches in a short time frame, which drags out the online dating process & may be discouraging to some. Therefore, this was an important consideration in the “top-rated” process.

Ease of use essentially means how simple the site layout is. If a user needs to learn how to use a website, then they’re much less likely to stick around. However, all of the phil dating sites that we’ve chosen are self-explanatory, so anyone who’s ever dated online before shouldn’t have any problems figuring out how to use the sites we picked!

Any site can have a lot of members, but if no one ever logs on, the phil dating experience is sure to suffer. Fortunately, all of our top picks have a high level of member activity, which means singles won’t have to wait long before the messages start pouring in!

Background Check

Unfortunately, there are many phil dating sites that claim to provide excellent services but actually provide a subpar experience. To avoid giving poor recommendations, we personally tested all of the services above to ensure that they actually could provide us with matches! Naturally, some sites performed better than others, but this is due to a variety of factors. Location may or may not be an important one: it depends on whether you’re open to the idea of long-distance relationships! Much like most other services, phil dating sites will continue to charge your card until you cancel, so don’t expect your membership to just “run out.” You’ll need to log in & cancel your phil dating membership once you’ve found the perfect partner!

We Rate and Then Approve

Without actually trying out a phil dating service, it’s nearly impossible to tell if the site is as good as it says it is! Of course, first impressions may not always provide the most accurate evaluation, so we tried out all of the services listed above for a minimum of one month to ensure the most accurate results. Truth be told, we also tried over twenty phil dating sites, but most of them didn’t make the cut!

The Benefits of Online Phil Dating Sites

Some singles prefer meeting IRL (In Real Life), but we’re not particularly sure why. Online phil matchmaking makes it way easier to find a partner! Here are a few reasons why you should always enjoy connecting with singles online instead of off.

  • There are more people. With IRL encounters, your options are limited to singles you already know (or those you happen to run into randomly). Online phil dating shows you pages of compatible singles (who are also looking for a partner), leading to positive results much quicker.
  • You’re not limited by location. Looking online allows singles to connect even if they’re miles (or countries) apart. Many phil dating sites even offer translation services, removing language as a barrier to love.
  • Enjoy instant matching. The matching process will vary per site. Whereas some sites use detailed personality tests to provide you with compatible matches, others may provide matches based on location. Some simply allow you to enter partner preferences and click “Search”! No matter what options your choice of service provides, you’ll always be able to enjoy instant matches!

A Wide Range of Phil Dating Sites

Even singles who are only interested in finding a Philipina partner will have plenty of options. Phil dating is extremely popular (& continues to grow in popularity every day!), which means the options are virtually endless. More singles join these phil matchmakingservices constantly, allowing for new matches & more chances at true love. Some services are better for dating casually, whereas others are designed specifically for finding “the one.” Choose a phil dating site that matches your relationship goals for the best results!

Great Security

It’s not talked about too often, but online security is definitely important when it comes to meeting Filipinas. Security can take many different forms, from an active staff keeping an eye out for fake accounts to limiting profile viewing from the general public. These considerations are vital for the success of a Filipina dating site since a site where the user’s information is constantly compromised is unlikely to be well-received.

Experts Conclusion

We’ve put a lot of time & effort into finding these phil matchmakingsites for our review, and we think the results speak for themselves. No matter your specific relationship goals, you’ll definitely be able to find the type of partner you’re looking for with one of the services listed above. If you’re tired of being single & want to find your better half, join one of these excellent phil dating sites today!


Where Can I Meet Filipinas?

You can always hope for a chance encounter, but the best way to meet attractive Filipina women (or Filipino men) is online!

Is Dating Popular in the Philippines?

Online matchmaking is very common in the Philippines, but most singles use online dating services to find love (rather than relying on luck).

Is It Safe to Date Using Phil Dating Sites?

Yes! Generally speaking, online matchmaking is a great way to meet new people, but we highly recommend sticking to the trusted sites above if you want the best results possible.