The Best Dating Sites in Thailand

If you’re just visiting Thailand as a single foreigner, chances are, you’ll want to jump into the local Thai dating scene right away. Thailand is known for having an abundance of beautiful ladies (and handsome men), which makes it a great option for singles searching for an Asian partner. However, thanks to the magic of the internet, you don’t even need to be in Thailand to start meeting Thai ladies!

There are many online websites dedicated to meeting Thai singles that can help you find the perfect partner for you. Unfortunately, there are also a lot that only want to steal your money, not help you find love, so it’s important to know where to look. We’ve tried & tested all of the sites below, so feel free to pick anyone: you can’t go wrong with these dating sites!

Thanks to the quick & easy signup process, you’ll be connecting with Asian cuties in no time! “Safe Mode” adds a sense of security to the site, preventing unverified members from contacting you.

Perfect for the real romantic, AsianTie is a website designed to connect singles who are ready to tie the knot and settle down.

If you’re looking for a simple signup process & a large user base, look no further! ThaiFriendly has over 2.6 members and allows you to join with your Facebook, Google, or Apple account!

This popular matchmaking site is for singles serious about their romantic future. Responding to a premium member’s messages is free, which means it’s easy to get a response from Thai cuties!

With over three million members from all around the world, ThaiCupid may very well give you the best shot at finding a partner from Thailand quickly!

Which Thai Dating Sites Are Completely Free?

When it comes to Thai dating, there, unfortunately, aren’t any completely free sites worth signing up for. Don’t be discouraged, though, because we do have one Thai dating site you can still use for free. You’ll just have to deal with a few limitations!

AsianTie allows free users to enjoy all the basic features like member searching and matchmaking, but they can also view profiles (with pictures) without needing to pay! Like most Thai matchmaking services, AsianTie limits unlimited messaging to paying members only, but free members can still send messages if they receive one first from a paid member.

How We Rate the Top Online Thai Dating Sites

Anyone can jump online and say that a site to meet Thai ladies is great, so we thought it was important to set a criteria. What makes a Thai dating site worth joining? We chose our selection of sites based on these free factors: user base size, user activity, and ease-of-use.

Having a decently sized user base is a necessity for a good Thai dating site. Without an adequate number of users, singles on the service will struggle to find matches or relationships. Having a large user base is important, but if no one ever logs on to the site, it doesn’t really matter. Ease-of-use is also very important. If there’s a big learning curve, singles are unlikely to stick with their choice of Thai dating platform.

Background Check

Although we tend to trust older services by default, being well-established doesn’t necessarily mean that the Thai dating site will provide good services. Therefore, we conducted a “background check” on each of these sites. This process includes checking records for any data breaches and adequate security measures. Data breaches present a big issue for any site, as many people often purchase premium memberships. Having adequate & active security measures is also important to prevent future data breaches. At a minimum, any reputable site will use HTTPS encryption to protect sensitive information. We also checked the site history and user review directories. All of the Thai dating sites performed “above average” in these categories, which serves as a good indication of the high level of quality they provide. Of course, we also tested these Thai dating sites ourselves as well!

We Rate and Then Approve

Most of the Thai dating sites on our list were recommended to us by others, but a simple recommendation isn’t enough to make it on our list of top-rated Thai matchmaking websites. We tested every website to make sure that singles could quickly find matches on these websites. Of course, being shown potential matches is very different from actually matching with someone, so after being “matched,” we started messaging. This confirmed that there was a real person on the other end of the screen, and not just a chatbot like you might find on less reputable Thai dating sites. Alongside matchmaking potential, we also ensured that the website was easy to use.

The Benefits of Online Thai Dating Sites

Not too long ago, people made fun of other people who used online dating websites. Times have certainly changed—in fact, most couples these days meet online! If you’re trying to find a Thai partner online, then using a dedicated Thai dating site is definitely the way to go. Online services provide a wide variety of advantages over traditional methods, but here are our top three!

  • It’s easy to connect with other singles. Traditional dating methods limit you to only the singles you run into by chance, but a dedicated Thai dating website presents you with tens (or even hundreds) of potential partners at a time! This gives a much better chance at finding a partner fast.
  • You can learn a bit about someone before chatting. Most Thai dating services give each member a profile page. These are especially useful to look through before chatting with someone. You can learn about their lifestyle, and interests without even talking to them, which gives you a lot of great conversation starters!
  • There’s no need to rush. Some people prefer to move fast; others like to go slow. Online Thai dating sites allow you to find a partner who doesn’t mind matching your chosen pace.

There’s a Wide Range of Thai Dating Sites

Different people go online with different expectations. Whereas some singles may be only searching for a quick fling, others join a Thai dating site with the expectation of getting hitched someday. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of Thai dating sites for you to choose from, so singles need only to find a site that matches their relationship goals. This is very important to your online success since a Thai dating service that specializes in finding hookups is unlikely to prove valuable to meeting your “perfect partner” (or vice versa!).

Great Security

We mentioned it above, but Thai dating website security is important. If a site isn’t secure, the users might end up being the victim of identity theft! Premium membership purchases almost always require a credit card or bank account, which is obviously information you don’t want to be shared with the public. However, reputable Thai dating sites use HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), a data encryption process that prevents hackers from intercepting & stealing your personal information. Many websites also limit profile access to Thai dating site members, which means your profile can’t be found from a simple Google search. Although that may not be a concern for all members, some singles prefer to keep their dating lives (or their preferences) on the “down-low”, so having your profile information helps you stay private & protected.

Experts Conclusion

Singles who want to find a Thai partner will have the best luck by using dedicated Thai dating services. General dating sites will work OK for finding a general partner, but Thai dating sites make it much easier to find the “perfect partner” fast. Although many sites require a premium membership for access to all of their features, we think it’s worth it. After all, can you really put a price on love?


Where Can I Meet Thai People?

While it’s certainly possible to meet Thai singles through everyday interactions, jumping online is the best way to make sure you find a partner fast!

How Popular is Thai Online Dating?

Online Thai dating is extremely popular. Generally speaking, younger singles prefer mobile apps, whereas 30+ singles flock to dedicated dating sites instead.

Is It Safe to Date Online?

The services listed above are all safe to use, but that doesn’t mean every site will be safe. We recommend sticking only to the sites above if you want to be extra careful!