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How to sign up on Flinghub

Nothing differentiates Flinghub from other interracial dating sites you're familiar with. Just like other dating sites, Flinghub has provided a page on its online platform where prospect members can present their details to sign up. Flinghub has five information fields provided for signing up. To sign up on this dating site, members seeking to find a date on this platform must provide your sex and the sex you seek, age, a functioning mail address, your password, and location. After this, a click on "join now" is all you need. You can. Set up your profile after signing up.

Flinghub Sign in

Flinghub Features

The Free Features on Flinghub

Flinghub has lots of features it offers to its members to help them enjoy their dating experience. The free features allow its users to enjoy surfing the site even when no payment is made. Every user is accessible to these features, even when they are not subscribed to any of its plans. Some of these free features are

  • Basic search: These features allow members to search for another member by selecting age, online now, or age.
  • Block feature: If a user wants to prevent another from contacting, you can easily use the block feature. This prevents them from seeing you and all of your information.

The Paid Features on Flinghub

Flinghub has certain features that cannot be accessed by members or users who are not subscribed to its plans. These features enable users who are subscribed to any of its plans to better experience and use the site. Members who purchase any of its plans have the following features to enjoy.

  • Paid users can search for other members with photos
  • Extended Search: This allow paid users to include further information to easily and quickly search for others.
  • It is easier for paid users to invite other members for a private chat as well as entering private chat anytime.

Flinghub App

Dating comes with lots of fun, especially if you are surfing a specific dating site with its dedicated app. Not all dating site has an app dedicated to exploring its site. However, you can still get all your relationship wants to be met by exploring such a dating site with a native browser, either on a desktop or on a mobile smartphone. At the moment, Flinghub does not operate on an app. Despite this, users can still enjoy every moment of surfing the site when they make use of a local browser on a desktop or a mobile phone.

Flinghub App

Members on Flinghub

Flinghub has millions of members on its dating platform, including males and females from different parts of the world. These numbers increase the chances of finding a partner as quickly as possible for dating or friendship purposes. However, if you want to chat with any member on the site is very simple and easy. Once you are on a specific member profile, you can click on chat to initiate messages online. The same method applies to every member, regardless if you meet a member from a specific chatroom. This allows users to have a private conversation with one another without a third party finding out.

Flinghub Members

Cancellation Policy

Terminating your account is one of the things most dating sites take into consideration for members. Should you get tired or feel like quitting dating online, Flinghub has provided all its users a means to terminate their policies. There are two ways to getting your profile deleted from the site. The first is to deactivate your profile. This will prevent the availability of your profile from being seen by other users of the site, but you can still sign in with this option. On the other hand, you can completely terminate your account if you wish to do so anytime without being charged.

Anonymity, and Security

Regardless of how secure a dating site may be, there will still be impostors on the lookout to extort money from unsuspecting members online. They may also be there to find out certain information about you. Flinghub understands its effect on its members, which is why it has taken every necessary step to ensure its members are fully protected and secured. The report feature allows users to report any suspicious profile. In addition to this, members can block any suspicious profile as well to prevent them from carrying out further activities.

Pros and Cons

Every dating site has its merits and merits provided for its users, including interracial dating sites. As a member of Flinghub, you will enjoy certain benefits on the site when you register as a member. However, certain features may be restricted to unsubscribed members. Some of these features are


  • Decent matching system
  • Privacy of profiles
  • Report of spam profiles
  • Ability to chat live


  • It doesn't support the app at the moment
  • Verification of identity proof not supported
  • It doesn't support any method of anonymous payment

Subscription Plans

Flinghub, as a dating site, has different plans to meet the best need of its users, just as you will find on interracial dating sites. The subscription plans on Flinghub aren't as expensive compared to other dating sites. Once a member subscribes to any of these plans, the whole feature becomes accessible to better date. Here are the subscription plans of Flinghub, which can be purchased anytime or renewed.

  • A day subscription plan cost $0.99
  • A week subscription plans cost $9.99
  • A one-month subscription plan requires users to pay $38.59
  • Three months subscription goes for $64.92 ($21.64 per month)

Flinghub Review

Smith, 27 years old from the United States:
Having tried other dating sites, I can conclude I got what I wanted within the shortest period. Thanks to Flinghub.

James, 29 years from the United States:
I recommend Flinghub to everyone seeking a date or relationship out there. It provided me with the match I always crave.

Jane, 25 years old from the United States:
No dating site match what Flinghub offers. I almost not believed I met the man of my dream on this site. Thanks to Flinghub.

Expert Conclusion

I have explored many dating sites, but I can conclude that Flinghub is a mile ahead of others. Its members are amazingly wonderful. Compared to other dating sites, the members quickly respond to messages. It also found out it is a safe home for singles seeking to have a partner. It has many members to provide you everything you crave in a relationship, either from a male or female. Its measures taken against insecurities is second to none as every profile is inspected to fish out profiles under pretense. With these, coupled with other features, it is a site for all.


How legit or scam is Flinghub?

Flinghub is 100% a site to trust. However, every site has fake profiles, but the measures taken by this site to prevent them are convincing.

What can dating type be gotten on Flinghub?

Regardless of the dating type you seek, Flinghub offers all types of dating of your choice. However, the percentage may be higher than each other. It depends on a member's choice.

Want to start dating on Flinghub?

This is quite simple. All you need to do is provide your basic information by signing up. Once completed, set up your profile and start exploring the site to meet different members.