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HookUpsFinder is a dating website for adult males and females looking to chat up, flirt with, and date people aged a8 and above who share their passion and lifestyle. It’s the perfect meeting place for finding and finally meeting bold and beautiful bedroom playmates.

The site is one of the most formidable and legitimate Asian dating sites that also serve the wet, wild, and willing markets in Africa, Australia, Europe, and the Americas. Although relatively new, it was only launched in 2014—it’s become the go-to online dating platform for users who want mind-blowing, rip-roaring intimate adventures with other members.

Signing up is easy-peasy, and it doesn’t cost anything. You’ll need to pay, however, if you want to savor the premium features and services.

To join, enter the following:

  • Your age and gender
  • Your location
  • Your HookUpsFinder password
  • Your e-mail address
  • The sex of your preferred date
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Free and Paid HookUpsFinder Features

Free Features

As a free HookUpsFinder user, here’s a list of benefits and privileges:

  • User profile creation
  • Profile photo uploading
  • Unlimited user search
  • Unlimited viewing of member profiles
  • Unlimited “Like Gallery” Use
  • Unlimited sending of “Winks.”

User Profile Creation. You can make your personal page pop and get noticed.

Profile Photo Uploading. You can post your most delectable photo for prospects to behold.

Unlimited User Search. You can use the search tool to scout for your next date.

Unlimited “Like Gallery” Use. You’re entitled to mark your approval of members for future reference.

Unlimited Sending of “Winks.” You’re entitled to throw members you fancy those furtive, flirty winks.

Females are allowed to contact male members and send them hot and heavy messages. Males, however, need to pay to be able to connect with members of the opposite sex.

Paid Features

As a paying HookUpsFinder member, here are the perks:

  • All free features
  • Profile Boosting
  • Incognito Browsing
  • Photo and Video Sharing via Chat

Profile Boosting. As a paying member, you can expect your profile to be a lot more visible to potential partners in intimacy than if you’re under the basic, free plan.

Incognito Browsing. As a paying member, you can review the profiles of users anonymously. A safe way to navigate the search pages will spare you the trouble of engaging people you don’t really feel like talking to and mingling with.

Photo and Video Sharing via Chat. As a paying member, you can display your wet and wild wares intimately with someone you like. This feature lets you upload as many images and mini-movies as yours to make the conversation more hale, hearty, and horny.

HookUpsFinder App | Great for Adults on the Go Who Are Game

HookUpsFinder is a site designed and engineered for eager adults who want their dating problems solved almost immediately. It has the means to please members seeking casual, fun, and intimate adventure anytime, anywhere.

Apart from its streamlined desktop and optimized mobile versions, this online dating platform has an easily downloadable app for users on the go. It’s intended to give naked pleasure nearly as quickly as the user taps on the screen and pushes the eButton.

For Android devices, the app may be downloaded from Google Play. For iPhone users, it’s available from iTunes. It’s very important to remember that premium subscriptions made through Google Play and iTunes can only be paid or canceled through these third parties.

HookUpsFinder App

HookUpsFinder Members | What the Adult Users Are Like

HookUpsFinder is for the adult singles craving to get cozy with like-minded individuals, although it also embraces married adults into extramarital fervor. It caters to heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, and omnisexuals from various continents. It offers near-instant gratification for those in dire need of that quintessential quickie over-the-moon one-off or series of smoldering sexcapades.

This hot and heavy dating site is a sizzling virtual venue for rendezvousing with cougars and MILFs, widowers and divorcés, interracial and interfaith daters, and just about anyone 18 years old and above seeking a glorious time in the bedroom.

The HookUpsFinder member base is proudly warm and welcoming, cool and composed, and totally non-judgmental in character. Everybody here is out to have fun beneath the sheets without sneering at the sexual desires of others.

HookUpsFinder Cancellation Policy

HookUpsFinder has a fair cancellation policy for paying members. By default, paid membership plans are on auto-renew to avoid interrupting premium services.

Should you feel like ending your paid subscription, go out of the auto-renew mode at least 72 hours (or more than three days) before your scheduled renewal date. This will give the system ample time to cancel your subscription and no reason to charge your credit card for the next billing period.

If you’ve enrolled through the Website, you may cancel through your page. However, if you’ve used a third party like iTunes to pay your membership, make the cancellation through the app. For questions and concerns, contact customer service through live chat, landline, or e-mail.

Anonymity, and Security on HookUpsFinder

Site visitors who aren’t registered, confirmed and verified can’t get past the sign-up page and won’t see the user pages of HookUpsFinder members. But once registered, confirmed, and verified, they will be allowed to check out the profiles and interact with others who are logged in.

As a member, you should always exercise caution and care. Don’t share your personal information too generously to prevent scammers from defrauding you. You may also choose to go anonymous when navigating the pages.

As for security measures, this online dating platform uses the latest technologies to preserve member privacy. Its SSL connection keeps message exchanges generally safe.

Pros and Cons


  • The site has a large population of members.
  • The atmosphere is pro-diversity, pro-inclusion, and non-judgmental.
  • Sign-up and confirmation are easy-peasy.
  • User profiles are quick to create and complete.
  • The desktop and mobile sites are well-designed and optimized.
  • Page navigation is a breeze.
  • The search function is reliable.
  • Safety systems use the latest technology.
  • The help desk is responsive.
  • Premium services can be purchased at reasonable prices.
  • A 72-hour trial subscription is available.
  • The HookUpsFinder dating site is free to try.


  • Male free users can’t contact women.
  • Male free users get lots of suspicious messages, supposedly from females.
  • There are occasional fake profiles that are too good to be true.
  • The matches and recommendations are sometimes too general.
  • Paid subscriptions are in auto-renew mode by default.

HookUpsFinder Subscription Plans

Users under the free plan can upgrade to premium anytime.

If you want to enjoy a paying subscriber's full benefits but are still iffy about buying a long-term plan (monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually), get the trial membership first. With a trial membership, experience and enjoy every premium feature, service, and benefit for three consecutive days (or 72 hours in succession). It costs US$2.10, or 70 cents per day of fabulous flirting.

For full memberships, the 30-day or monthly plan costs US$16.99, the 90-day or quarterly plan costs US$29.97, and the 180-day or semi-annual plan costs US$42.78. Promo codes and discount coupons are available every so often.

HookUpsFinder Reviews

Benjamin, 27, California
I’m a proud lover of married, divorced, widowed, and single cougars and MILFs, and I love that HookUpsFinder has a range of recommendations for me each time I feel like making the hot mommas happy.

Charlotte, 29, Florida
I’m an SSBBW woman who constantly wants company in bed. I’m hooked on HookUpsFinder (pun intended) because this baby gives me, in a jiffy, what I want: unforgettable moments with dashing white widowers, dapper black singles, debonair brown divorcés, you name it!

Mason, 38, Connecticut
An LGBT introvert without prospects in the real world, I took to signing up with HookUpsFinder and found a cornucopia of splendid recommendations! I’ve met them all, and some have become friends with benefits.

Expert Conclusion

HookUpsFinder is known in the adult-personals circle as one of the most legitimate Asian dating sites, European flirting online platforms, and American romance eCircuits.

To prove its legitimacy and effectiveness, we signed up for free, completed the user profile, and hit the internal search engine. The desktop and mobile versions were decent in terms of design and usability, and the advice on safe dating was a good one.

After setting the filters for the best search results, we got good matches. We then took out a trial membership to pursue the recommendations and thought that 8 out of every 10 prospects sounded human (not annoying, spammy bot). We actually got to meet some of the locals in person.

The chat and messaging functions are tops, which is why we’re giving HookUpsFinder a grade of “Highly Satisfactory” or 4 out of 5 stars.


Is HookUpsFinder a Legitimate Dating Platform or a Scam?

HookUpsFinder is definitely legit. A legally registered business with offices in Hong Kong complies with the laws of the countries and regions it serves, including the United States and the United Kingdom.

What type of online dating platform is HookUpsFinder.com?

HookUpsFinder.com is an adult personals site and an online dating platform for 18-and-above people who want to engage men and women in neat, nice, and naughty bedroom escapes.

How Do I Start Flirting and Dating on HookUpsFinder.com?

Just fill out the short and simple sign-up form, then click on the registration confirmation link in your e-mail. Prettify your profile, search for potential matches, and get in touch with your next bed partner!