HornyContacts Review: Find Your Best Dating Site

HornyContacts Sign-Up | Get Hold of Wild and Willing Adults

HornyContacts is an online dating platform that caters to adult men and women. It’s a place for finding and flirting with like-minded individuals, as well as for meeting potential partners in bedroom escapes.

The site is one of the newest, most legitimate Asian dating sites that also serve the hot and heavy markets in Australia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Fully launched in 2014, it’s become the go-to virtual social hall for neat, nice, and naughty playmates in mind-blowing, rip-roaring games beneath the sheets. Everybody here oozes with passion and energy for intimate adventures.

Signing up is a breeze, and it doesn’t cost anything to register. You’ll only need to pay when you want to experience and enjoy premium features and full services.

To join, just enter your:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Password to HornyContacts
  • E-mail address to get confirmed and verified
  • Preferred date’s sex
HornyContacts Sign in

Free and Paid HornyContacts Features

Amazing Free Features

As a free HornyContacts user, you’ll enjoy doing these things without shelling out a single cent:

  • Complete your user profile
  • Post your profile photo
  • Search for users nearby
  • Receive messages even from paying members
  • Report spammers and suspicious users

Complete Your User Profile. Even as a free user, you can make your personal page as palatable as it can be.

Post Your Profile Photo. You can upload and post your delicious photo and show horny and hungry members your wares.

Search for Users Nearby. You can use the filters to see who’s currently online or, better yet, who in the neighborhood is ready to rock and roll with you.

Receive Messages Even from Paying Members. You’re allowed to receive messages from interested free and paying subscribers, although you’ll need to pay a modest amount to be able to read and reply to the love and lust notes.

Report Spammers and Suspicious Users. Customer support will look into your report on members who may be violating community guidelines.

Awesome Paid Features

If you’re ready to make a modest HornyContacts investment to satisfy your hookup hunger and thirst, here are the perks to relish:

  • All free features
  • Unlimited live chat
  • Unlimited messages to and from other users
  • Secure, private messaging

Unlimited Live Chat. As a paying member, you can endlessly interact and flirt with other users via the vivacious dating chat rooms across the site. Here, you can get tons of hookup and dating advice, loads of cool pickup lines and warm quotes, and bundles of hilarious jokes.

Unlimited Messages to and from Other Users. As a paying member, you can engage other users in hale, hearty, and horny conversations day in, day out.

Secure, Private Messaging. You can get intimate and naughty with prospects via this safe, secure, and ultra-private messaging feature.

HornyContacts App | For Adults on Fire Who Want Fast Action

HornyContacts is a dating site designed for adults who want solutions to their hookup and other dating problems in a snap. It satisfies those who ache for the quintessential quickie, the over-the-moon one-off, or the super-conflagrating series of sexcapades. This is why it has rolled out an app: to fire up every user's naked enthusiasm at the touch of a finger, the tap on the screen, or the push of a cyber-button.

Users of smartphones can download their iOS app easily, and they can also purchase their membership from iTunes instead of paying through the Website. The iTunes plans, though, must be paid to this third party.

HornyContacts Members | What the Adult Daters Here Are Likes

HornyContacts is a hot, heavy, and heavenly Website that gleefully welcomes people 18 years old and older who crave the company of equally ardent and adorable flirt-and-date mates. It offers a great venue for finding and meeting men or women who are wild, willing, and wonderful in bed.

This online dating platform’s population mostly consists of Millennials and Generation Xers, but there are Baby Boomer bombshells and beefcakes who could be at once naughty and nifty. Then there are the Gen Z’ers, who are both young, yearning, and yummy.

What’s remarkable about the HornyContacts member base is its non-judgmental nature. Everybody embraces heterosexuals, lesbians, gays, and others in between, not to mention single and married daters.

HornyContacts Members

HornyContacts Cancellation Policy

HornyContacts provides paying members a fair cancellation policy.

By default, your paid membership plan is in the auto-renew mode for you to enjoy the premium services continuously. If you would like to end your subscription, opt out of auto-renew at least 72 hours (or three days) before the scheduled date of renewal. This will allow the system to cancel your membership before it charges your credit card for the next payment cycle.

If you’ve subscribed onsite, cancel through your user account. But if you’re using a third party, terminate your premium dating plan via the app. If you’re unsure of what to do, get in touch with customer service via live chat, phone, or e-mail.

Anonymity, and Security on HornyContacts

Unless registered and confirmed, site visitors won’t see the profiles on HornyContacts. This is because the online dating platform offers exclusivity to members for everybody’s protection and peace of mind. However, all verified users are allowed to browse the pages and communicate with others on site.

As a user, you should always be careful and not randomly share your sensitive personal information.

As for user security, the Website utilizes state-of-the-art technology to keep the privacy of all members intact. Its SSL connection makes it impossible for malicious people to intercept messages. Still, you should remain vigilant at all times to prevent any untoward incident that threatens your safety, security, and privacy.

Pros and Cons


  • The population is large enough to find good matches.
  • Members support diversity and inclusion.
  • There’s an app for adults who are on the go.
  • Sign-up and confirmation procedures are hassle-free.
  • Completing the user profile is simple.
  • The desktop and mobile site design are streamlined for ease of use.
  • Navigation of pages and features is uncomplicated.
  • Search filters are commendable.
  • Safety, security, and privacy systems use modern technology.
  • Customer service is responsive.
  • Premium services are available at low prices.
  • A 3-day trial subscription is available at an insanely low price.
  • The online dating platform is free to try.


  • Some user profiles look fake and too good to be true.
  • Some matches and recommendations are random and general.
  • The free features are limited.
  • Spam messages and marketing materials abound.
  • The cancellation process could be cumbersome.

HornyContacts Subscription Plans

Free members wanting an upgrade may have certain reservations about paying the long-term subscription plans (monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually).

If this is the case with you, get the trial membership first to enjoy all the premium features, services, and benefits for three full days straight (or 72 consecutive hours). It costs about a dollar per day if converted from your currency, or less than three dollars for the trial subscription duration.

For full memberships, the monthly or 30-day plan costs about US$23, the quarterly or 90-day plan costs about US$50, and the semi-annual or 180-day plan costs about US$60.

HornyContacts Reviews

Ethan, 22, Montana
So, okay, I’m a married guy seeking some relief from my irreparable marriage. I want all the privacy I can get, so I take to HornyContacts and get what I want and need within a week of searching locals in the same situation as mine.

Amelia, 31, Hawaii
I’m a closeted member of the LGBT community who can’t date people in my neighborhood and workplace for privacy reasons. I didn’t have many options back then until I joined HornyContacts, which was like an ocean with plenty of hunky and chunky fish.

Evelyn, 37, Michigan
I’m no longer interested in my husband, who’s been routinely cheating on me. As a girl who wants to have fun now and then but can’t really do it openly, I go to HornyContacts to find and meet someone who can fill the void in me.

Expert Conclusion

We’ve heard that HornyContacts is an established site, so we decided to try it ourselves and compare it with other legitimate Asian dating sites, European hookup platforms, and American flirting circuits.

After completing the free registration and user profile, we immediately browsed the profiles and put the search function to work. We tried navigating the pages of both the desktop and the mobile, and then the app, and thought that doing this was a breeze. There were bogus accounts, which can be expected of any dating site, but we did get workable matches living within our ZIP code.

The chat and other messaging features were fantastic, so we’d give the platform a very satisfactory mark.


Is HornyContacts a Legitimate Dating Site or a Scam?

HornyContacts is legitimate, with physical offices in Hong Kong. It’s compliant with the laws of the countries and regions it serves, including the United States.

What sort of online dating platform is HornyContacts.com?

HornyContacts.com is a sizzling personals site and an online dating platform for adult boys and girls who long for happy hookups with men and women 18 years old and above.

How to Start Flirting and Dating on HornyContacts.com

Fill out the short and simple registration form, then confirm your free sign-up through e-mail. Complete your profile, search for people you want to get naughty with, and reach out to potential bedroom playmates.