Philippines Girl

How to Date a Philippines Girl

Are you looking for a Filipino dating partner, or are you already in a relationship with one? Whichever the case, then there are certain things that you need to be polished about. Finding a desirable girl on the various Phil dating sites may not be an issue, but how to handle the relationship may not be as easy. Dating someone from Asia requires you to embrace cultural diversity regardless of whether they were born and raised there or in the USA.

One thing that stands out is that the Asian women on Phil dating sites are very different from the western women you may be used to. Filipino girls are just adorable, and they are usually eager to date foreign men. Thus, you will have a better chance with them than with your local girls. Some of the things that you should not take for granted include:

Their Traditional Beliefs

Whenever you engage in an interracial relationship, you will get involved with a new culture with distinctive values. Asia is one of the continents with deeply rooted traditions, and the Philippines is not an exception. The Philippines are generally open-minded and used to free-thinking; thus, it is not unusual for them to be superstitious. You should study their culture and learn to respect their values.

Their Attachment to Family

Filipinos maintain very strong family ties that extend from the immediate members to distant relatives. Anything that has to do with their family is highly prioritized. If the girl is a firstborn in the family, she is regarded with the reverence of a parent. When you meet her family, be prepared to be introduced to cousins, uncles, aunties, and grandparents. The dream of every Filipino girl is to make it in life to help her family back at home.

Their Religious Beliefs

The majority of Filipinos are Christians of the Catholic faith, and most of them are keen when it comes to religious matters. Although the older generation may be more intent on religion than their young ones that are more open-minded, it is good to respect their devoutness.

Watch Out for Online Dating Scams

The best place to source for these oriental beauties is on the exclusive Phil dating sites, where you will find them in abundance. Some of these dating platforms are laden with scammers that pose as single women seeking partners with the sole intention of making easy money from you. This practice is rampant, and you are advised not to send money to anyone you meet online.

Their Area of Origin

The Philippines is made up of numerous islands, some of which are a bit laid back and others more exposed to western culture like Luzon. Luzon has some cities such as Manila, Angeles City, and Subic Bay hotspots for hookers. If you meet an Asian girl from these cities who is not a hooker, she will be more focused on your money than emotions. If you are looking for a wife material, then get a girl from the remote islands, and she will appreciate you for who you are.

Avoid Club Girls

If you are visiting the Philippines and want to be in a serious relationship with a local girl, then strippers, hookers, and bar girls that are abundant in cities like Manila should be a no-go zone. The story is usually from the village and was dumped when she got pregnant and needed money for upkeep, thus coming to the city on a cousin’s invitation. If the claim dupes you that she hasn’t worked in the bar for long and misses her family, then you might end up sending her money each month like five other guys that think that she is their girlfriend.

Marriage and Divorce

It is important for you to know that people in the Philippines don’t divorce but rather separate if the marriage doesn’t work out. If you connect with a girl in her thirties, then there is a high probability that she might have been married, unlike one in her twenties. You had better do some thorough background search lest you get prosecuted and jailed as adultery is illegal in the Philippines.

Always Remember Pasalubong

Pasalubong is essentially bringing gifts for the family whenever you come back from your travels. When you send your girl back to the village to meet her family, then she is supposed to bear some gifts for them from you. It could be Anything such as chocolate bars, just to mention.

Prepare for Karaoke

Filipinos love karaoke, which is part of their culture, whether in their homeland or a foreign country. You will have to get used to it and participate in it regardless of your ragged voice.

Be Aware of Displaying Affection in Public

Public display of affection is not a common practice with Filipinos and is generally perceived by the older generation as lacking proper demeanor. Anything beyond holding hands is unacceptable, especially when the family is around.