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LustyLocals is an online dating platform that gives the adult user a range of options to find, meet, chat with, and date a like-minded individual every so often. Members are men and women aged 18 and above who want either virtual flirting for kicks or offline escapes in the bedroom.

The population here can easily give cherry blossom Asian dating sites and rose American hookup platforms, not to mention tulip European flirting circuits, a run for their money. It’s because the membership base is well-curated, and it’s filled with people who can get down and dirty in a darling way.

Signing up is simple, quick, and free. You’ll only need to pay for a subscription if you’ve gotten the hang of online dating and want to avail yourself of the premium services.

To join, enter the following:

  • Your preferred date’s gender
  • Your gender and age
  • Your e-mail address, plus password to access the LustyLocals account
  • Your location
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LustyLocals Features | Free and Paid

Free Features: Getting Started Without Worry and Cost

For new the new LustyLocals user trying the dating site out for free, here are things to enjoy without shelling out money:

  • Build a profile
  • Upload a photo
  • Receive, read, and review messages
  • Send a no-cost chat each to 5 people

Build a Profile. Every registered user is entitled and actually encouraged to build an honest-to-goodness profile.

Upload a Photo. Members can show themselves in their most attractive post to make a first impression on potential dates.

Receive, Read, and Review Messages. Members can relish messages sent their way, including nice dating advice and a cute review of their profiles. They must, however, pay to reply to these.

Send a No-Cost Chat Each to 5 People. Free users get five (5) chats every 24 hours to put flirty feelers out to five (5) different members.

Paid Features: Going Deeper into the World of Online Dating

LustyLocals site users who are ready to invest a minimal amount to grab hold of premium services, here are some of the things they can savor to the max:

  • Each free feature
  • Ability to spark a conversation
  • Ability to reply to messages
  • Automatic free sign-up to sister sites

Ability to Spark a Conversation. Paying members can reach out to a user (or everyone on the site whom they fancy) and exchange flirty notes.

Ability to Reply to Messages. Paying members can say hi back to other paying members who have ignited potentially hot and heavy conversations.

Automatic Free Sign-Up to Sister Sites. Paying members to have the privilege to be part of the wider network of dating sites and use the app for each one.

LustyLocals App | For Eager Adult Boys and Girls on the Go

LustyLocals are designed to help adult people who want almost instant solutions to their dating problems, including their craving for the quintessential quickie or the over-the-moon one-off. This is why the site has created an app that can satisfy the hookup hunger at the touch of a finger, tap on the screen, and push the virtual button.

Smartphone users can download their Android or iOS app without too much trouble. They can also purchase their membership from iTunes if it’s the more convenient option. For iTunes, though, subscription payments and concerns should be made through this third party.

LustyLocals App

LustyLocals Members | Vivacious, Va-va-voom Online Daters

LustyLocals is an online dating platform that embraces adult boys and girls who are constantly oozing with the desire to find, meet, chat up, and hook up with equally wet and wild men and women.

Gorgeous Generation Xers and marvelous Millennials dominate the site’s population, but there are also bold and beautiful Baby Boomers in the merry mix. Don’t forget the members of Gen Z, who are darling young adults ready for naked excitement.

What’s really good about LustyLocals is its non-judgmental atmosphere opens its doors to heterosexuals, gays, lesbians, and others in between. It also welcomes interracial daters, not to mention single and married people who hunger for company and thirst for playtime beneath the sheets.

LustyLocals Members

Cancellation Policy

LustyLocals provides a proper cancellation policy for paying subscribers who want to terminate their membership at some point.

By default, premium subscriptions are on auto-renew, so the paid services won’t be disrupted. Paying members who want to end their monthly or quarterly subscription are advised to switch off the auto-renew function at least 72 hours before the incoming billing period. This should prevent the system from charging their credit card for the next payment cycle.

For subscriptions purchased onsite, cancellations are made through the user account. But for users who have enrolled through iTunes must cancel their subscription via their iTunes app. For guidance, a user may contact the customer service desk through chat, phone, or e-mail.

Anonymity and Security

LustyLocals provides exclusivity to every registered member who has an account confirmed through e-mail. It filters out any unverified user to browse the profiles or communicate with the duly signed-up adult men and women. This is to protect everyone in the online dating platform from outsiders, who could be shady characters. But once registered, any logged-in user can review the profiles and communicate with other account owners.

To guard users from other users, there are anonymity settings and “safe modes.” You may select the Full Safe Mode if you don’t want to be contacted by members who don’t have proper profiles or are not verified by the system.

As for user security, the system has technologies in place to shield members from threats to their privacy. Despite its safety, security, and privacy measures in place though, LustyLocals reminds everybody to be careful of spammers and suspicious elements at all times.

Pros and Cons


  • The atmosphere is friendly and non-judgmental.
  • Members are diverse in gender, race, civil status, sexual preferences, and lifestyle.
  • The app is available for adult men and women on the go.
  • Signup is hassle-free.
  • The creation of a user profile is simple and free.
  • Site navigation is uncomplicated.
  • Safety systems are in place for user privacy.
  • Customer service is good.
  • There’s a range of premium services.
  • 1-day and 1-week trial subscriptions are available.
  • It’s free to try.


  • Some user profiles are bogus.
  • Matches are not too customized.
  • Free users can’t reply to messages.
  • There are lots of spam messages.
  • The cancellation process is cumbersome.

Subscription Plans

The LustyLocals dating site offers no-cost registration for anyone to tinker with and enjoy. The free sign-up, once confirmed, lets users build their profiles and upload their photos. It also allows them to navigate the site, browse profiles, read messages, and chat with others.

When users are ready to mix and mingle to the hilt but still have reservations about getting a monthly or a quarterly membership, they can try the premium services for one full day (or 24 round hours straight) or for 1 fun week (or 7 consecutive fab days). The day-long trial costs less than a dollar, while the week-long trial costs a dollar.

For full memberships, the monthly plan costs $28.80 (for 30 days in a row, at $0.96 per day). The quarterly plan costs $16.20 (for 90 days in a row, at $0.54 per day).

LustyLocals Reviews

Liam, 29, Texas
I wish I’d been introduced to LustyLocals much sooner and be spared the trouble of being set up by friends and family with weird, boring, sometimes totally awful dates. I like that the people I meet online are cool and warm...and usually piping-hot!

Emma, 33, North Dakota
I’m a single parent without friends in the new town I’ve moved to, and I find it nice to meet people like me on LustyLocals, who want neat company and some flirting. It’s also reassuring that those I’ve made friends through the app offer good advice on being in a post-divorce relationship.

William, 36, New York
I couldn’t find a prospect during my first day of trial membership, but 24 hours later...boom! There were half a dozen seemingly great matches, and I got to hang out with them in person, separately, over the following week. I had the time of my life with one of them, and after a few dates, we began what I would like to be a lasting relationship.

Expert Conclusion

We think LustyLocals is a great place to start the online dating journey. It’s free to try, after all, and it only takes a few minutes to build a profile and upload a photo meant to attract other members.

The Website (both the desktop and mobile versions) and the app both have a streamlined interface. Even newbies can easily navigate the pages, search for locals to flirt with, and actually communicate with users whom they believe will feed their sexual fantasies.

It’s just a bit disappointing that bogus profiles and spammy messages exist here. But anyone can walk past the nuisance and get to where the real action is. There may be a mismatch or two coming from the internal search engine, but members can always decide for themselves which users are worth their attention the most.


Is the LustyLocals Dating Site Legit, or Is It a Scam?

LustyLocals is a legally registered business entity with offices in the British Virgin Islands. It complies with the laws of the countries where verified users are located.

What kind of dating platform is is a site for adult men and women that promotes diversity and inclusion. It doesn’t judge people for their sexual preferences, needs, and desires.

How Do I Start Dating on

Just fill out the short sign-up form, confirm your registration, and voilà! You can now begin to build your profile, search for future dates, and contact them.