Dating Asian Women

What You Need to Know When Dating Asian Women

The women you will find on Asian dating apps are charming and many people from the West desire to date these Oriental beauties. However, it is not as easy as dating the types of women you are used to as their culture is completely different from others. Their culture differs from one country to another, making it a rather complex undertaking to differentiate what happens where and how. If you are in a relationship with an Asian girl, you will need to understand her roots.

Having the distinction of the girl’s culture and country of origin from the others as you are not supposed to go rambling about Chinese culture to a Thai woman. There is a certain way to handle a girl you met on the Asian dating apps and score points, but it requires you to learn. The tips below will help you get a girlfriend from these oriental beauties and know how to maintain a relationship with them.

Be Upfront About Your Intentions

Most Asian girls are naturally shy and would prefer that you be articulate about your feelings for them. Some women just don’t take hints, and it would be better if you are bold enough to initiate the topic of romance with the Asians. You, however, should refrain from being pushy and rushing the relationship but rather take it slow. Take her to a few dates during the day while you try to learn the things that would be of interest to the two of you.

Avoid Being Stereotypical

There are certain beliefs that people tend to have about Asian women that are not necessarily true regarding their nature. It is believed that they are submissive and naturally good wives, but this is no longer the case as many of them are westernized.

Guessing Her Nationality is Rude

By all means, do not attempt to act like a know-it-all by guessing her ethnicity on the first date. You will end up sounding impolite, and obviously, it will not have a good impression on her. Asian people have distinct cultures, and if you want to find out where she is from, then try asking her about her traditions. This will get the conversation going, and you will learn a lot about her. Upon knowing her origin, and maybe you know a little about it, avoid trying to impress her about certain facts about it as you may be wrong, and she already knows all about it.

Asians Have their Culture at the Heart

Asians are very keen on upholding their cultural values regardless of whether they are modernized. If you are dating one, you will be required to learn about the things related to her heritage. There are various dissimilar cultures in the Asian countries, and you should note where she is from and their particular traditions.

Not all Asian Girls Know their Native Language

From their appearance and how they uphold their culture, it is easy to assume they know their native dialect. Although many girls do, some don’t, and it would be nice to inquire about it before unleashing a few broken sentences of a language you also don’t know. They, however, might have learned another dialect besides English or her native language. She will be impressed if you know a few words about it.

Her Parents Will Not Initially Welcome You

Most Asian parents are initially adamant about accepting the fact that their daughter is dating a foreigner. It is not unusual for them to give you the cold shoulder or even reject you outrightly when you start showing a serious intent in their girl. It has nothing to do with your personality but rather more to do with their expectations. It should not dampen your efforts, as they will eventually give in.

Learn How to Eat with the Family

Asians have certain habits when they are eating that are beyond learning how to use chopsticks. For example, when having tea with the family, you should be last to pour to your cup. Serving is usually done from the oldest to the youngest. The food is always very spicy but if you want the parents to like you then eat.

Try to Make a Lasting Impression

There is a high demand for Asian girls by foreigners, which means that you need to be exceptional in showing her affection. With the stiff competition for their attention, it is up to you to make your romantic moves count.

Do Not Deceive Her

If you are dating an Asian girl, then don’t assume that she is oblivious of what you do. These girls have unique instincts, and they can tell when you are dishonest or up to something. Being honest even when you are wrong will make your girlfriend perceive your commitment to the relationship.

Pronounce Her Name Properly

It might sound petty, but in as much as she will let other people mess up the pronunciation, you are not an exception. Asian girls are romantic, and simple things like this will make her see that you truly treasure her.