How to sign up on Sexintouch

Signing up on sexintouch is no different from other international dating sites you are familiar with. However, before you can sign up, the dating sites require you to fill in certain personal just as other existing users. To become a member of the dating website, you will have to choose the sex you seek. Also, your age should be specified as well as a valid and accessible email address. In addition to that, you will be asked to provide your password and your postal code while you click on "join now" once completed, as shown below.

Sexintouch Sign in

Sexintouch features

The free features on sexintouch

Sexintouch offers free features for users on its platform, even when they are not subscribed to its plans. With these free features, users can have the best online dating experience while getting a match as quickly as possible. The site allows a regional search as free features for members to locate other users close to them in their region.

The paid features on sexintouch

Certain features on Sexintouch differentiate paid features from the free features. Users who subscribe to a specific plan enjoy certain features more than users who freely surf the site. Members who are subscribed to a plan enjoy features like uploading a video to your profile or making a profile video of themselves. Also, paid features allow the invitation to private chats or join private chats.

Sexintouch app for a better dating experience

Dating apps can make surfing a specific dating site more interesting. Although, both the app and the use of browsers may have the same layout and features. Currently, sexintouch does not have a dating app. However, users and members can still have the best dating experience when they surf the site with a native browser, either on their mobile smartphones or on the desktop. The site may consider launching an app for its users later in the future for a better dating experience.

Sexintouch App

Sexintouch Members

One of the major reasons for becoming a member of a specific dating site is to find a partner for a relationship or friendship. Sexintouch has lots of members using its dating platform, including males and females of different ages, colors, and heights. To initiate a chat with a new member is very simple, just as you are familiar with every other dating site. Depending on where you meet a member on the platform, you can easily tap on the username to begin chatting with him or her.

Sexintouch Members

Cancellation Policy

Sexintouch allows users to terminate their paid membership anytime they feel like. However, users can retain their online profiles active. Members are provided with two options when it comes to canceling their profile from the site. The first is that the profile's deactivation will not make the profile visible as members will be denied access to it. You can sign in anytime for reactivation with this. On the other hand, you can cancel your account and delete it.

Anonymity, and Security

As a non-registered member, Sexintouch does not allow the viewing or checking of members' profiles, unlike other international dating sites that allow strangers to checkout members' profiles even without signing up. It gives users a basic privacy level as well as being secured from an impostor. Although, anyone can view your profile as a registered member. However, some sites prevent the preview of user's photos, but Sexintouch doesn't prevent it

Pros and cons of Sexintouch

Sexintouch has lots of advantages it offers to its members. The site also has its downturns nuts like other international dating sites. Here are the pros of the site

  • Privacy of profiles for members
  • There is the proper establishment of the site
  • Spam profiles can be easily reported
  • Members enjoy live-chat

Since everything that has pros must have con/cons, sexintouch isn't left out. Here are some of the cons of the site.

  • No app support
  • Zero identify proof
  • There is no method of anonymous payment for users

Subscription Plans

Accessing the full features of a dating site comes at a price. However, Sexintouch makes its subscription plans affordable compared to other sites. Members can enjoy the following subscription plans on the site

  • A 3-day trial costs $4.47 for full features
  • 1-month full access to features costs $39.99
  • A 3-month subscription for all access costs $83.97

Sexintouch Reviews

Frank, 32 years from the United States, says:
Sexintouch is a site like no other. It offers everything you seek on a dating site, even at the most affordable price.

Lewis, 28 from the US, says:
I have tried many dating sites, but Sexintouch happens to be the best of them. It provided me all I needed within the shortest space of time.

Linda, 30, from the United States, says:
No other better experience than surfing this dating site. I quickly got my match within weeks of becoming a member of the platform.

Expert Conclusion

This dating site is inarguably a place for every adult, man, and woman seeking all types of relationships, including married couples. Having survived in the dating world for some years, it is worth signing up. However, there are impostors on the site, as you will easily find on other dating sites, and the site has made it easy to report any suspicious profile. With this, your safety is guaranteed, and you can easily meet the partner of your choice. Sexintouch is a site like no other. Apart from the review, testimonials of users are convincing enough to be on the site.


Sexintouch: legit or a scam?

The site is legit. However, scammers are on the site seeking who to swindle but can easily be reported to cut short their activities.

What does sexintouch offer?

This site provides users with all kinds of relationships for men and women around the world. Regardless of what you seek, the site offers it.

How can you start dating on the site?

Once you have completed your registration, you can easily seek members to chat with, especially your relationship.