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The WildSpank site packs a punch in the online dating arena, and it’s a total knockout for the adult user looking to be with like-minded individuals for incredible bedroom escapes.

The base of members may not be as extensive as many of the formidable, older Asian dating sites and their counterparts in other continents. However, the site boasts a curated population and high-quality profiles of people ready to mix, mingle, and make merry with others.

Registration is quick and simple, and all that’s needed to sign up are:

  • Gender of your preferred date
  • Your gender
  • Your age
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your password to access the WildSpank account
  • Your town, city, province, or state

The dating site is free to try. Users only need to pay a minimal membership price if they want to enjoy premium services.

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WildSpank Features | Free Versus Paid

Free Features: Getting Started Without Cost and Hassle

For new WildSpank members, here are features to take advantage of without paying for anything:

  • Ability to create a profile with photo
  • Ability to receive messages
  • Customized search
  • 24/7 customer support

Ability to Create a Profile with Photo. All registered users are entitled and encouraged to create their profile with a photo to be admired by other members.

Ability to Receive Messages. All registered users can receive messages, although they must pay to be able to read and review these.

Customized Search. To suit the users’ needs for a happy hookup, the feature has filters like gender, age, and availability of a profile photo. There’s also an option to show members currently online.

24/7 Customer Support. What’s good about the dating site is its help desk that’s ready to assist members with anything related to their use of the site. There’s round-the-clock support via live chat, and there are phone and e-mail channels to get in touch with the support staff.

Paid Features: Going Deep into the World of Ecstatic Energy

For WildSpank members who want to take hookup hunting to the next level and are ready to pay for premium services, here are features to relish to the hilt:

  • All free features
  • Ability to send text and voice messages
  • Ability to do video chats

Ability to Send Text and Voice Messages. Via text or voice messaging, paid users can reach out to members and spark a conversation that can lead to something mind-blowingly, rip-roaringly unforgettable behind the bedroom door.

Ability to do video chats. Paid users can video-chat with other members, so they can communicate their dating desires and passions to one another more vividly and explicitly.

WildSpank App | Designed for Adults on the Go

WildSpank understands adult people who have the sudden urge to get wondrously wet and wild with site members near them. This is why it has an optimized mobile version. It’s for the convenience of smartphone users wanting their hunger for a hookup satisfied and their thirst for sex quenched at the touch of a finger and a tap on the screen.

There’s no app yet, though, but the company behind the site is preparing to have one that’s easy to download, review, and use. Plans are underway to roll out the app compatible with iOS and Android.

WildSpank Members | A Vibrant Community of Vivacious Adults

WildSpank is a cool site that warmly welcomes men and women aged 18 and above. The population here is dominated by marvelous Millennials. However, it also boasts a turbocharged community of gorgeous and gracious Generation Xers, bold and beautiful Baby Boomers, and the lithe and lissome Lucky Few.

The site provides a virtual venue for flirting with like-minded people who seek an awesome and amazing partner in naked excitement. Its doors are always open to heterosexuals, bisexuals, omnisexuals (or pansexuals), gays, lesbians, and others in between.

The online dating platform provides various arrangements, such as nifty flings, ardent affairs, euphoric monogamous hookups, rapturous couple sharing, and explosive polyamory setups.

The goal is to feed the users’ fantasies of stark sex and friendships with benefits, if not happily-ever-after bliss. And the mission is to help members find and meet their perfect match fast, through chat rooms that anyone can join easily and via private messaging.

WildSpank Members

Cancellation Policy

The site has a good cancellation policy for paying members who decide not to continue their subscription for some reason or other.

By default, all paid memberships are set to auto-renew to avoid the disruption of premium services. Paying users who would like to terminate their subscription should plan ahead, review the policy, and turn off the auto-renewal setting at least 72 hours before their next billing cycle. This is to prevent the system from charging them for the incoming payment period.

Cancellations are usually made on site, except for subscriptions purchased through iTunes. For users who have paid through iTunes, they may cancel their subscription through this third-party site. If unsure of the procedure, contact the support team via chat, phone, or e-mail.

Anonymity and Security

The dating Website is exclusive to registered users who have been confirmed via e-mail. It doesn’t allow non-members to view profiles of the adult men and women here, and this is to give everyone in the community a layer of protection from outsiders. Once registered and verified via e-mail, though, any logged-in user can check out other account owners' pages.

Every individual here is asked to exercise caution at all times for their protection. There’s a specific page about safe dating, which anyone can view at their convenience.

As for its use of technology for user security, the site has high-tech systems to guard members from security and privacy threats. The data here pass through an SSL connection, which makes it technically impossible to intercept ultra-sensitive messages between members.

Again, despite its safety and security measures, WildSpank constantly reminds everyone to watch out for spammers, scammers, and other malicious elements.

Pros and Cons


  • There’s no judgment among members.
  • Diversity and inclusion are highly encouraged.
  • The mobile version is convenient and optimized.
  • Signup is quick and trouble-free.
  • The creation of a user profile is hassle-free.
  • Site navigation is simple.
  • Safety, security, and privacy systems are high-tech and well in place.
  • The customer service team is responsive.
  • Chat rooms are packed with energy.
  • Premium dating services abound.
  • No-Cost registration is available.
  • 1-day and 1-week trial memberships are affordable.


  • Some user profiles are fake or inaccurate.
  • Partner recommendations can be too generalized.
  • Free users can’t read messages sent their way.
  • Subscription plans are in auto-renew by default.
  • The cancellation process could be challenging.

Subscription Plans

Like most online dating platforms, WildSpank offers free registration. The no-cost signup includes creating a user account, uploading images for other members to see, and browsing profiles.

The drawback is that free users will need to upgrade their accounts to read the messages sent their way and directly connect with others.

It’s a good thing that the site has a 1-day trial membership that won’t cost an arm and a leg, so anyone can easily try the premium dating services for 24 full hours. There’s also a 1-week trial membership that’s affordable.

For full memberships, the standard plan costs $25.49 for 30 consecutive days (or a month, more or less), and the VIP plan costs $69.30 for 180 consecutive days (or about six months).

If you’re down with getting a full membership, just remember that it will automatically renew at the end of the subscription period. Read the cancellation policy and speak with a customer service rep if you wish to terminate your membership.

WildSpank Reviews

Anna, 25, Idaho
“I love that WildSpank welcomes gender-fluid people and that everybody is slow to judge others. I also love that the search results for my area are delightful recommendations, some of whom I’ve already met in person and even hooked up with!”

Steve, 34, Oregon
“I do not regret having upgraded my membership on this site because every now and then, I get the chance to meet wonderful people whom I would not otherwise meet in a physical setting due to my sensitive position in government. Just recently, I have had the privilege of dating someone who is potentially a partner for keeps.”

John, 27, Texas
“I signed up for free just for kicks, but when I saw that there were many prospects in my city, I grabbed the opportunity to meet them all using the trial membership. I’d become an incurable serial dater (and a satisfied paying long-time member) since…”

Expert Conclusion

Despite the fact that it’s a newcomer in the online dating arena, WildSpank is a platform of choice by people who are looking to find, meet, flirt with, and date their potential match. Its live chat feature is spectacular, and everyone loves that the community takes pride in its diversity and inclusion.

And for all its flaws, most of which are minor and forgivable, the site has the potential to deliver fantastic services to every user and member, day in and day out. There may be occasional mismatches, which may sometimes be caused by external factors, but it’s exceptional overall.


Is the WildSpank Platform Legit or a Scam?

WildSpank is legit, and it’s a legally registered business entity with offices in Valletta, Malta. It’s also compliant with the countries' laws that its members live in, including the United States.

What kind of dating site is is a dating site for all adult age groups, genders, races, and dating experience levels. It promotes diversity and inclusion, and it caters to users and members with different sexual preferences.

How Do I Start Dating on

Try the site for free, build your profile, and browse the profiles of interesting members. Navigate the site for advice and learn how to connect with a user right away!